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the leg of a pair of trousers


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Estas zonas tienen la particularidad de ser mayormente desprovistas de desarrollo social y aglutina la mayoria de la poblacion mundial alcanzando un 71% (PANTLEG, 2001).
In the above responses to the query, for example, a common issue was the need for a way to keep pantlegs from riding up or bunching up when wearing waders.
Via e-mail, Frank Foster says he only wears jeans, so when he buys new ones, he removes the back pockets and has one sewn on each pantleg. "I prefer them on the inside of the leg," he says.
It grabbed at their shirts and their pantlegs, like it was trying to rip the clothes off their backs.
- The pants are under Bottoms with another custom mesh for the boot-tucked pantlegs and raised belt pouches.
A common practice among people with limited or no use of their lower extremities is to grab on to their pantlegs to reposition their legs.
"I take a long time and try to make the batter wait for as long as I can," Rou said of his pre-pitch ritual, which features a stroll around the mound, removal of his glove to rub up the ball, spitting, and then adjusting one part of his uniform (rotating among his hat, shoes and pantlegs).
Backs of pantlegs and bottoms of skirts are good resources.
When he saw me he straightened and wiped his hands on his pantlegs.
Oddly, Kevin puts me in front, on the theory that someone being led through a dim forest sees little but the pantlegs of whoever's leading.
Like his North High boys' basketball team, Al Pettway and his coaching staff are in uniform on this night, black sweatsuits with orange sleeves and stripes down the pantlegs. The Polar Bears draw from the coach's abounding energy as they trim a 13-point deficit to just two late in the third quarter.
His only disconcerting habit was running up the inside of your pantlegs when someone came to the door.
The Marxist stood smoking by the door as they came by in suits and red unitards, wearing tails under pantlegs and wooden and ivory costume horns, and one guy steer horns.