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of or relating to pantheism


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After discussing these similarities, I will conclude by examining the manner in which Blake diverges from Leibnizian metaphysics to develop his version of pantheistic monism.
It is clear that Dickey's narrator is the spokesman for what he believes to be a never-before-achieved mode of existence, as if he hopes to launch a new pantheistic cult of survivorhood beyond death.
Ultimately, this tale addresses both the positive and negative aspects of a pantheistic universe, as a separate entity from traditional monotheistic Christian orthodoxy.
Perspective is elusive, shifting like eyes looking for a home or a ghost looking for a body--or resisting a body (and labels), declining nouns in service to a mystic declivity, the roving pull of eros: "coming down," as the poet calls it in one piece Poems take on various points of view, from animal (as in the "Fox" and "Owl" pieces), to camera-eye-like, to sort of pantheistic, for lack of a better description.
This is where the pantheistic notion "fails," according to Prothero and Williams.
In 1950, Pope Pius XII debunked Teilhard's errors in his great encyclical Humani Generis: "Some impudently and indiscreetly hold that evolution, which has not been fully proved in the domain of natural sciences, explains the origin of all things, and audaciously support the monistic and pantheistic opinion that the world is in continual evolution .
These are Nettie, as she decides to work with missionaries, and Shug, when she informs Celie all about her pantheistic beliefs.
She may have been fascinated with pantheistic force and influxes of power.
Ancient Greece and its pantheistic religion is the template Johansen uses to create her gods, goddesses, and demons, with adeptly placed brushstrokes from multiple non-European cultures laced throughout the story.
2) Such critical disagreement becomes particularly intense when we turn to his most well-known novel, Jean-Christophe, an "oeuvre de foi" (xiv) which has usually been read as an archetypal example of Rollands pantheistic vision at work in literary form (e.
The Southern Agrarian love of the land and the local, with its sensuality and sense of stewardship, might cast the pagan and the pantheistic in a more native American light.
In a 1908 letter, Franz Marc wrote, "I am trying to intensify my feeling for the organic rhythm of all things, to achieve pantheistic empathy with the throbbing and flowing of nature's bloodstream in trees, in animals, in the air.
But here Causey is too timid, relying on well-worn ideas about the link between modern British landscape painting and the pantheistic Romanticism of the 18th century.
Whether or not one agrees with such railings against this poet-seeker, the reader must respect the critic's background in and research into not only the Catholicism of Milosz's youth, but also the pantheistic roots of Lithuanian culture--forces that shaped Milosz throughout his life and art.