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a large moving van (especially one used for moving furniture)

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And on show will be Beamish's own Hoults horse-drawn pantechnicon.
On show will be Beamish's own Hoults horse drawn pantechnicon.
He says: "It was absolutely lastminute because the pantechnicons with all this furniture in had got halfway down the motorway.
There you are in a nice orderly queue, maintaining the prescribed distance as you pick your way past a convoy of pantechnicons, when up pops tailgate Charlie, slashing through on the outside, sheering across your nose and lurching into the inside lane for perhaps half a second before zeroing in on his next target to repeat the whole ridiculous manoeuvre.
What was going on here was that lorry loads of it at a time were being stolen, pantechnicons of it, huge articulated vehicles with trailers stacked high with chocolate.
The need was great: if Carl Jacobsen had been sending ships to the Mediterranean in the late nineteenth century, he must have been ordering pantechnicons from Paris in the early years of this one, and the galleries of the Glyptotek were not suitable for displaying them.
No matter how remote, how hidden the place, nowhere is immune to the 4-wheel drivers, pantechnicons of pensioners, round-Australia retirees and those in search of the real frontier spreading out in a churning tide of tourists which the Australian Heritage Commission seeks to steer and channel.
But the company grew fast and later joined forces with Freeborn and Son, one of North London's leading removal companies, specialising in quality removals and storage, with local removals via horse drawn pantechnicons and distance removals by railway.
We have a lighter weight set, more flexible and mobile, which doesn't require great pantechnicons.
It is a circus more likely to arrive in pantechnicons than caravans, and it will be bringing a company of 50.
We know that pantechnicons twice the size of these buses turn outside the Women's Hospital and return along the hospital side of Metchley Park Road to Metchley Lane, so why can't they?
It seems Sharon has just passed her HGV test and is now licensed to drive giant pantechnicons around Staffordshire and the West Midlands.
It happens every spring, almost as though no one can face the garden after a long, dreary winter until the pantechnicons arrive from Holland with their floriferous cargoes.
They have holidays abroad, television sets the size of pantechnicons and kids who are laden with GCSEs and dressed from head to toe in designer gear.