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a large moving van (especially one used for moving furniture)

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a sort of bazaar, or pantechnicon, in which wares of all kinds are heaped together for sale in stalls independent of each other, and that, to save the purchasers the trouble of running about from shop to shop; or an hotel or lodging house, where all professions and classes are at liberty to congregate, varying, however, according to the season, each of them strange to each, and about its own work or pleasure.
In our first week here, Dave and I assembled a huge garden shed which he'd ordered online from Bahrain and he vanishes to the 'den' at the first sign of hassle, for instance when the pantechnicon with our shipping arrived.
Pask goes on in his paper to describe his 'Musicolour' machine (an interactive music and lighting device which needed a pantechnicon to move ir and which made its final appearance in 1957) and his 'Colloquy of Mobiles" (a group of three interacting mobiles which also interact with their observers.
Select Committee on Constitutional Affairs last October, Frankel predicted that the sheer number of requests received (coupled with a general unpreparedness for dealing with them) will, within months, lead to complaints arriving at the ICO "by pantechnicon.
Launched in 1998 in response to concerns cooking had been downgraded to such a degree in schools that children were unable to boil an egg let alone understand its nutritional value, the programme's centrepiece is the Cooking Bus, an expandable pantechnicon fitted with four fully equipped cooking areas that tours registered schools round the country.
The bylaws of the Liverpool Geographical Society, for example, prohibited women from membership or presenting papers; thus Kingsley sat on the stage while a member read her account of an enormous hippo who "yawned a yawn a yard wide, and grunted the news of our arrival to his companions, who also rose up, and strolled through the grass with the flowing grace of Pantechnicon vans.
A pantechnicon standing by a gate at the bottom of the street; someone moving in--or out--what is it to me?
Pantechnicon was his store in Thousand Oaks until he moved to Agoura Hills in 1989 and renamed the store Heroes and Legends.
The lubricant for these developments, so congenial to the Goldsmith crowd, has been North Sea oil, which has prevented internal decay from swerving the whole pantechnicon into the ditch.
Moving house involved hiring a pantechnicon, a large removal van, such as those operated by Liverpool's W Boote & Sons, below.
Not long to wait, sit at home and contemplate, Then the furniture arrived in a pantechnicon, Unloaded swiftly by the removal men.
Out in the back car park at the National Physical Laboratory at Teddington in west London a couple of weeks ago was a big pantechnicon lorry full of scientific kit.
In fact, in the absence of a pantechnicon, the 5008 proved a pretty capable camping companion.
On show will be Beamish's own Hoults horse drawn pantechnicon.
This had been captured, preserved and was touring the country on the back of a pantechnicon wagon.