pant leg

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the leg of a pair of trousers


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Then bring each pant leg up to the waist, and secure the bottom of each pant leg to the waist.
As he rolls his pant leg up to pick the scab from his Scar, he would do well to remember this.
I prefer wearing the rig on the inside of my left leg; when it is time to draw, I simply pull up one pant leg.
Elsewhere, the staple black pant leg was twinned with a patchwork blue denim drainpipe.
The dart, which was sticking out of his pant leg, felt like a bee sting, he said.
A flop gate within the pant leg chute gives operators the option to either recirculate oversized material for further screening and crushing or divert it to be stockpiled as a 100percent crushed material.
In order to do this, he had to drop his pants, unscrew what looked like a metal milk bottle cap to relieve the suction, and pull the leg off the stump and out of the pant leg.
He said that balls cause the most bulges and the star's penis was not going down his pant leg like his.
I must admit that I used some of the tubing to hold my pant leg away from my bike chain, so I am now nursing along my last 2 feet.
These "slacks" are custom hemmed to the perfect length while the fleece is cuffed around the ankle to keep wind from rushing up the pant leg.
Rick Perry's campaign hit the trail with Bill White and captured what it considers to be humorous moments for a new web video posted today: the Democratic nominee tucking one pant leg into his boot, failing to shake someone's hand, looking vaguely reminiscent of Michael Dukakis and more.
The officer rolled up his right pant leg, and both men stared at the titanium shaft that is his leg.
They land on my head, shoulders, bow, arrow, pant leg or any other handy perch.
More times than not, I grabbed her pant leg moments after my little independent spirit took over.
The authors are all mathematicians and crafters who provide instructions on how to wear a passion for math on your sleeve, pant leg, head, or feet.