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large-flowered garden plant derived chiefly from the wild pansy of Europe and having velvety petals of various colors

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a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive

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KNIFED: Police on Pansy Street, after a man was injured
UPSET: The chimps as Pansy died SAD: Pal Chippy was off his bananas
Trying to be what we didn't see when we were growing up," Pansy Division was founded in 1991 San Francisco by Jon Ginoli and Chris Freeman, who felt little kinship with a gay community whose soundtrack was still overwhelmingly retrodisco, showtunes--and whose extant rock heroes (Melissa Etheridge, Judas Priest's Rob Halford, Morrissey, Bob Mould et al.
On appeal, the state supreme court held that the Commission could not turn down the proposal because of off-site congestion and could consider Pansy Road traffic flow only to ensure that the subdivision's entrance was placed to minimize traffic effects.
Once a year, Glenda brings Pansy by the clinic for her physical.
All varieties of Pansy Vivaldi are available from Wyevale priced at pounds 3.
Made of porcelain and composite material, Pansy Pearl is not actually a living, breathing human being.
There have been huge strides in pansy breeding, with a lot of focus on color," says Steve Jones of Bodger Seeds in South El Monte, California.
As the guest artist, she created "Sunflowers at Dawn," a four-foot painting; "Sunflowers at Midnight," a four-paneled, double-sided dressing screen; and "Pansy," a five-foot painting of a blossoming pansy.
WE'RE offering you a wonderful start to your winter garden - 12 FREE plants of Pansy Joker Mixed worth pounds 5.
The five little pos- sums--Pete, Pansy, Polly, Plato, and Dweezel--all got up and dusted themselves off.
Even the pansy on the cover and the colors of the book jacket represent feminism.
In each corner of the cover a pansy is worked in purple and yellow thread twisted with gold, which I believe Elizabeth intended as a pun on the French word pensee, meaning "thought" or "idea.
1, the epitome of the beer-bellied, lascivious dope, something along the lines of Homer Simpson; and Pansy, a giant flower with eyes, a nose, and a distinct personality.
Osmond is an impoverished dilettante of exquisite tastes, living in retirement in Italy with his daughter, Pansy.