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inflammation of all of the paranasal sinuses

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deShazo's interest in fungal sinusitis began about 12 years ago, when he saw a 16-year-old boy with chronic pansinusitis and nasal polyposis who had undergone five previous surgeries in which a "gooey brown material with the consistency of peanut butter" had been removed from his sinuses.
A CT scan revealed an NSA filling the entire nasal cavity bilaterally, accompanied by pansinusitis.
A CT scan of the brain showed pansinusitis and a hyperdense lesion along the corona radiata, suggestive of a fungal abscess.
These findings included total opacification, pansinusitis, and polyp formation.
A repeat noncontrast CT of the head demonstrated bilateral pansinusitis, intracranial findings that were consistent with cerebritis, and a left intraorbital mass.
CT of the paranasal sinuses showed that the growth extended from the nasal cavity into the nasopharynx with pansinusitis.
Iron Workers Bob O Location Total: 11 NORTH OFFICE 10/15/03 Poss allergy Anthem (AN095) 10/21/03 Recurrent pansinusitis New pt.