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a person who participates in (or is open to) sexual activities of many kinds

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Whether you identify as bi, butch, queer, lesbian or pansexual, if you're marrying a woman--cis or trans-here are a few tips for you:
Do ask open and nonjudgmental questions about sexual attraction and behaviors, and be familiar with the terms bisexual, queer, questioning, and pansexual in addition to lesbian, gay, and straight.
Over a vegan lunch in Los Angeles, Cyrus talked about what drives her, recalled how she struggled with her pansexual identity as a teenager (she's currently dating Liam Hemsworth), and shared what it's like to work with Allen.
Joe has also created characters who are pansexual, meaning they are attracted to people of any sex or gender identity, and asexual, who do not have sexual feelings.
I don't consider myself pansexual because it implies, in my opinion, a greater openness to sexuality than I possess.
Deadpool is described as the first pansexual superhero - attracted to men and women - but actually it is monogamously heterosexual.
Tara, who lives in New Brighton, is also a pansexual, which means she is attracted to any gender.
We have kids who are on the asexual spectrum, kids who are on the aromantic spectrum, kids who are pansexual, kids who are bisexual, kids who are gay/ lesbian, and kids who are straight.
His "aural history" is a narrative collage of voices and music, a bittersweet portrait of another era and a different Manhattan--the pansexual, experimental, and decidedly downtown scene orbiting the fin de siecle party Jackie 60 and its home, the beloved but short-lived club Mother.
It explores Broughton's passionate embrace of a life of pansexual transcendence and a fiercely independent mantra: Follow your own weird.
I asked her if she still wants to be with girls, and she replied that she likes everyone and considers herself pansexual.
On the cityscape marked by rape and violence, privation, promiscuity, and pansexual desire, the only "homes" left standing in Life among the Ruins are corrective facilities for aberrant youth.
She continued with the list: "Would you describe yourself as transsexual, transsexual vegetarian, transsexual vegan, lesbian, lactose intolerant lesbian, heterosexual, wheat allergy heterosexual, ambisexual, pansexual, deep pansexual?
The latest word salad in the counterheterosexist war against "heteronormativity" (yes, they consider these real things) is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Allies, and Pansexual.
And were those richly upholstered chairs, in some intractably pansexual way, Oedipal phenomena?