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a situation or topic as if viewed from an altitude or distance

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8220;We are pleased to offer virtual tour and panoramic view services to our clients.
This is a very beautiful sight and people come from far-off places to see this panoramic view.
Distinctive Residences at The Panoramic View, US-based real estate developer offering full-service luxury properties, has announced new luxury homes at its property in Montauk, New York, US.
The Bump Out 10 Display Window offers a panoramic view while providing over four feet of inside usable counter space.
The panoramic view provided by Douglas Alton Smith is nevertheless of great value, and it stands to spur another of Smith's hopes: to generate further studies that will clarify our picture.
As an empty prism-like space, the boardroom is dominated by the panoramic view across the sea.
Transcircularities is important because it succeeds in giving us a panoramic view into the poet's development of craft and style over the past three decades.
The wide optics provide visual comfort and a panoramic view.
All are skillfully decorated, and guests have a choice of either a panoramic view of the Gulf or the historic district of Biloxi and its Back Bay.
Along the way, we spent a day at a fabulous hotel in Pokhara at the foot of the scenic Annapurna range and another day at a mountaintop hotel that provided a panoramic view of the Himalayas.
Together they are providing researchers with a remarkably panoramic view of atomic and molecular landscapes and events.
After passing through the cabin into the space behind it, one found that the floor and walls of the gallery, as well as a large assortment of ordinary objects, were entirely covered with a skinlike coating of dried mud, as if one were viewing the site of an archaeological dig - an impression intensified by the panoramic view that could be had from the balcony of the mezzanine.
And why walk up all those stairs inside the Statue of Liberty to get a good view of the Manhattan skyline, when you can drive up to the Griffith Observatory's front door for a panoramic view of the L.
But it is approached from the south along a very gentle ramp which gradually delivers visitors to the end of the platform, where they have an almost panoramic view of the valley.
Take the Summit Skyride and soar an amazing 825-ft above the ground with a panoramic view of the Atlanta Skyline, Appalachian Mountains and a Confederate Memorial Carving, larger than Mt.