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gunsight (a telescopic device for an artillery piece) that can be rotated horizontally in a full circle

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While the gunner has at his disposal an optronic day/night sight the commander can carry out surveillance independently thanks to a panoramic sight installed on a mast.
The BM-7 Parus maintains the BM-3 Shturm architecture and weaponry, but has an improved sighting system with independent panoramic sight for the commander.
The commander's stabilised panoramic sight provides a hunter-killer capability, full 360[degrees] being also available through the cupola equipped with episcopes.
The gun is fully stabilised and has an elevation arc of -10[degrees]/+45[degrees], a dual mode day/night stabilised sighting system with laser range finder, while a panoramic sight able to reach a +60[degrees]elevation can be easily integrated thanks to the CAN Bus architecture.
Fully stabilised, with hunter-killer capability if a commander's panoramic sight is installed, they exploit the company common electronic architecture.
The gunner has a day/night sight with two fields-of-view and a laser rangefinder, while the commander has an independent stabilised panoramic sight with two day channels, an optional night and rangefinder capability.
increase of the number of detected targets, full backup of firing all types of weapons by the commander owing to the commander's panoramic sight with an independent dual-plane LOS field stabilization system, with a frequency laser range-finding and TV guidance channel;
To enhance the public%s enjoyment of the City%s panoramic sights, the City of Huntington Beach is requesting proposals to furnish and maintain coin-operated telescopes at the Huntington Beach Pier.
The panoramic sights were stunning and well worth the climb.
Difaaf project will provide its residents with charming sea views, in addition to panoramic sights of Manama," said Mr Bagaeen.
Avanti President Harry Dalgaard said travel to Peru this year is stronger than ever, fueled in part by interest in the culture of the Incas under the influence of the Spanish colonial heritage, the panoramic sights and the Indian markets.
But before it does, people are being encouraged to visit the iconic building and take in these panoramic sights.
More than 100 worldwide webcams can be accessed offering not just a nice city view but also panoramic sights beamed to your desktop.
The rooftop wine bar and nightspot, "Level 23", will enable guests to dance the night away to live entertainment, enjoy an outstanding wine selection and view panoramic sights of the city.
The British Army s Specialist Vehicle (Scout SV) programme, for example, employs a Barco s gunner and commander crew stations, triple-head driver s displays, and ultra-low latency video processing unit, together with Thales weapons sighting and LSA sensor system, including stabilised digital gunnery and panoramic sights, daylight, low-light and thermal imaging camera clusters.