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Synonyms for radiography

the process of making a radiograph

photography that uses other kinds of radiation than visible light

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CBCT examination has been recommended as a low cost method with an effective radiation dose less than that of medical CT and slightly higher than that of panoramic radiography (Orhan et al.
Radiologic examination for location of the mandibular canal: A comparison between panoramic radiography and conventional tomography.
The panoramic radiography developed from CBCT confirmed deciduous teeth retention, permanent teeth impaction, and delayed development with abnormal roots and multiple supernumerary teeth.
The gold standard for the detection of atheroma is ultrasonography with Doppler; the panoramic radiograph cannot be considered an accurate test for stenosis, but a finding on radiography requires referral to a specialist for diagnosis, because there is a connection between findings in panoramic radiography and cardiovascular events (16).
Over 60 professionals attended the day-long course, including radiologists, radiographers, dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, dental specialists and ENT surgeons, with Professor Curly Nortje introducing the topic, with a review of the principles of panoramic radiography.
Rushton (University of Manchester) and Rout (Birmingham Dental Hospital) review the development of dental panoramic radiography during the past century, the anatomical structures that may appear on a DPR, and the principles of a quality assurance program for producing high quality diagnostic images with the minimum patient radiation dose.
The most common positioning errors in panoramic radiography are:
On CT and panoramic radiography, a nasopalatine duct cyst appears as a well-defined bone defect in the anterior midline of the palate between and posterior to the central incisors.
From there the text discusses the basic principles of the paralleling technique, use of XCP film holding devices, processing, panoramic radiography, troubleshooting both technique and processing errors, production of x-rays, image characteristics, normal, abnormal and common radiographic anatomy, and radiology biology and prevention.
The results revealed a significant correlation between the cephalometric and panoramic values which concludes that panoramic radiography is as reliable as lateral cephalogram in predicting vertical facial pattern as determined by gonial angle.
These atheromas that are calcified plaques can be observed in panoramic radiography.
Comparison between digital panoramic radiography and cone-beam computed tomography for the identification of the mandibular canal as part of presurgical dental implant assessment.
Panoramic radiography is still recommended as first-line evaluation for mandibular fractures in children.