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a photographic image produced on a radiosensitive surface by radiation other than visible light (especially by X-rays or gamma rays)

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Panoramic radiographs of patient were used for identification of dental anomalies.
The following longitudinal measurements were undertaken on both sides of each panoramic radiograph (Fig 1).
Panoramic radiographs taken at the initial examination were used to determine the presence of M3 germs.
Quality of panoramic radiograph must be assessed regularly making sure that they are free of any preparation or positioning error.
Due to this reason, planning for surgical extraction needs routine panoramic radiographs to determine the difficulty of the surgical removal as well as to rule out any associated pathology which might change the treatment modality.
The panoramic radiograph gives useful information in the initial evaluation for preoperative planning but owing to its large horizontal magnification varying region wise.
Lateral cephalometric and panoramic radiographs were obtained.
The records were reviewed; panoramic radiographs taken prior to sinus augmentation surgery or implant placement were evaluated.
Panoramic radiograph was performed to show a well delimited unilocular radiolucency located in the left body of the mandible, extending distally from the tooth 35 to the ramus of the mandible (Fig.
3 Dental bite-wing radiographs (F-speed)-(4) 38 Full month series radiographs 35-388 Panoramic radiograph 9-26 Cephalometric radiograph 2-6 Cone beam CT (Dentoalveolar-Small and Medium FOV) 4.
Panoramic radiograph showed limited interincisal mouth opening (12 mm) (Figure 1a).
Gan also detailed the procedures to be done on Revilla, including a panoramic radiograph and composite fillings on his upper frontal teeth.
Package 3 - 3D CT scanner with panoramic radiograph and cefalostatem