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Synonyms for panoramic

Synonyms for panoramic

as from an altitude or distance


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SOB stated that the high quality long-distance EMUs for Gotthard Panoramic services would have upgraded first class with 2+1 seating, as well as catering and family zones.
The company stated that panoramic sunroofs are becoming standard in new cars and in case of a rollover accident, passengers' heads and limbs could otherwise go through the large glass opening, leading to serious injury.
There are only a few studies on the use of panoramic radiographs for dentoskeletal features and focus mainly on intercondylar asymmetries and gonial angle measurements.
When dentists are suspicious about the presence of carotid artery atheromas in panoramic radiographs, they play an important role for their patients' lives, as they guide and immediately refer their patients to doctors for adequate medical treatment (15).
This clearance represents a significant milestone for our organization, as we can now offer the resposable Third Eye Panoramic device to the medical community in the U.
A diner's view of Liverpool's waterfront from the window of the Panoramic restaurant in West Tower JASON ROBERTS
According to Direct Energy, the Panoramic Power energy management solution offers commercial and industrial business customers a unique wireless and self-powered circuit-level technology with cloud-based analytics.
We're very excited to join with Panoramic Power and collaborate to develop solutions that leverage BIM and will help maximize building performance," said Amar Hanspal, Autodesk SVP of information modeling and platform products.
The ibi is the first ever consumer device with fully integrated, patented ImmerVision Enables panomorph technology that enables users to capture high-resolution, navigable 360* x 200* panoramic video and images with just one click and share via Wi-Fi.
We are eliminating multiple, disparate energy solutions that organizations must manage by integrating all energy data into one dashboard,” said Yaniv Vardi, CEO of Panoramic Power.
The Panoramic 150 has a definite "cool factor," and the end result is a unit that allows users to operate it like a standard trail camera in each of the three detection zones or a panoramic unit that snaps an image in all three zones each time motion is detected in any one of them.
Software giant Google on Tuesday added panoramic views of the world's great coral reefs to its Streetview service on the maps application, allowing internet users to experience a virtual dive in the seas.
Gerald believes in making the photo fit the view rather than being restricted by the lens or a single shot, so the majority of his photo's are panoramic.
Panoramic photos, which gained popularity in the early 1900s, do a better job than simple snapshots in providing a broader view of the people and places that came before us.