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an area where everything is visible

a circular prison with cells distributed around a central surveillance station

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While we know from Foucault that the key point to the panopticization of the social is that its "structure of gazes" (22) does not separate the inside from the outside and that, instead of exercising disciplinarity from a central node, it proliferates and orchestrates control across the entire scale of the social--little examination has gone into how Romantic literature performs the panopticon.
In these pages then I want to take up, very briefly, such surfacings of the uncanny--repetition, ambiguation, and the subject's intimacy with representation, focusing on the third as a way of specifying the effects generated by such haunted houses as panopticons and novels.
The interoperability between Datawatch and Panopticon allows users to export their modeled, unstructured and semi-structured data directly from Datawatch into a Panopticon workbook to perform visual data discovery.
The American panopticon, perfected in the era of the Cold War, appears to be equally focused on friendly nations.
Among the themes that emerge from this broad-ranging foray is that centralized control as exemplified by the Benthamite Panopticon is being subsumed by networks of data gathering and management, which the volume's editors Mike Silver and Diana Balmori characterize as 'multifarious eyes that exist everywhere and nowhere simultaneously'.
Panopticon Gallery recently held an exhibition of color photographs by Boston photographer Constantine Manos.
The broader comparative import of the study is elegantly adumbrated with an opening citation from John Howard, and Cajani vindicates an older view that Thorsten Sellin scorned, according to which the architecture of the institution prefigured the central concepts of Bentham's Panopticon.
The technique's historically specific emergence correlates with the array of impersonal authority epitomized in the Panopticon scheme, in which Bentham insisted upon the "apparent omniscience" of the inspector as a structural position rather than a personal attribute.
BOSTON -- Panopticon Gallery is delighted to announce our Polaroid themed group exhibition, Instant Connections , co-curated by advertising Creative Director, Independent Curator, and former Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center Jim Fitts.
It's unfortunate to see ARM getting into the global panopticon business.
There are four small bars, one with a stage and piano, and the smoke room walls are decorated with photographs of old-time music hall stars and sportsmen: Marie Lloyd, Dan Leno, Fighting Jack Parson - a reminder of a past era when these celebrities stayed at the Terminus (bed and breakfast 3/6) while they appeared at the now demolished Panopticon Theatre across the road.
the 160th celebrations of the world's oldest surviving music hall, The Britannia Panopticon in Glasgow with panto Puss in Boots.
Today the physical panopticon has declined in importance, as the digital society has absolute and unprecedented control over individuals without the need for this prisonlike institution, which the author describes as follows:
Irish writer John Connolly will read from his new book charting the life of Stan Laurel at Glasgow's Britannia Panopticon Music Hall, the venue where he began his career.
Children raised under the parental panopticon may come to resent it.