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including everything visible in one view


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20) "Against this static system of 'synchronic essentialism' I have called vision because it presumes that the whole Orient can be seen panoptically, there is a constant pressure.
She also offers further evidence for Rosi Braidotti's reflections on society by panoptically showing the reality of privileged and marginalized Romans.
In KW's main hall, all fourteen episodes screened in cubicles arranged panoptically around a central space, modeled on a typical Berlin courtyard, and were thus viewable in isolation or at once--a 300-degree wall of images.
Both descriptions of the cityscape, viewed panoptically, are initially depicted as "visual" or "theoretical" simulacra which distance the viewer from the viewed.
always compromises [his] moves toward establishing a panoptically complete supervision of terrain and character .
We do not rub our eyes raw on particular scenes, as the haptic would suggest, but the reader is situated upon a raised middle to view this strange labyrinthine synthesis of time panoptically.