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including everything visible in one view


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Foucault's view of modern society as fundamentally and pervasively panoptical and disciplinary seems particularly persuasive in light of the ubiquity of surveillance in contemporary society, where it is operative in "the private sector realms of consumption and financial services, in the police, military and security apparatuses, in government traditionally understood as well as in the wider institutions of 'governance', in social services, in the media, in science and technology where surveillance systems are produced" (Barnard-Wills 67).
I have begun to think about how surveillance and policy work has moved out of a panoptical frame and into a more complex, multi-faceted assemblages of social control and surveillance that are much more actively engaged both by governance authority and by those governed.
In fact these processes are imagined as explicitly panoptical phenomena in the most famous cinematic representation of Fordist production, Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times, which features a factory centrally administered and monitored via an imagined form of closed-circuit television (technology which would not become widely available until several decades after the film was produced).
The last story in the collection, Elizabeth Eslami's "Everything Gets Mixed Together at the Pueblo," pivots on a disorienting but refreshing inversion, a panoptical gaze of the Native American inhabitants of a town-turned-tourist-attraction onto the "pink people.
Maria Lisboa discusses utopia/dystopia narratives such as Nineteen Eighty-Four which she says all maintain the convention of a "post-cataclysm set-up involving an authoritarian despot or ruling power which officially saves humanity from itself through the exercise of a panoptical control that in effect in various ways dehumanizes it.
Regardless of September 2014's referendum result, the Yes campaign's mobilised momentum is nevertheless a powerful defiance of neoliberal panoptical power that has reinvigorated a politics of the people which can be regarded as an active citizenship 'of cosmopolitanism from below'.
The earliest is The Prison of Santo Stefano, 2011, for which she cast in lead portions of cell floors froni a panoptical prison that opened in 1795; the most recent is a new site-specific video for Bolzano.
And much description is, as it turns out, needed, given the project's panoptical scope.
In doing so, Sivan is able to stress the static quality of behavior and implicate the frame in the operation of Haredi panoptical surveillance; as a result, the spectator is prompted to understand characters' physical language as determined by that particular Haredi anxiety of "living in a glass menagerie.
But even so, I would not interpret the Yagwoia experience of themselves as living in a cosmos constituted as a Foucauldian-Benthamian panoptical regime of surveillance and deployment of power.
Her argument is that, flouting humankind's panoptical aspirations, animals engage in their biblically granted prerogative to move freely.
8) It is however not from a panoptical perspective that Italy's financial centre is focalised, but from eyes located to the ground and to a woman who immerses herself in the crowd in search for an understanding of a climate of indifference.
It's only thanks to the body, and more specifically to our body, that we discover that it does not and cannot exist a knowledge of the reality of survol, a panoramic and panoptical reality, but it rather exists a perspective, lateral, oblique, broken and fragmented knowledge.
Political righteousness is fixed as a form of unconditional support for the ruling party and the Green Bomber as the archangel of that conditioning and panoptical surveillance and the punisher of the 'politically wrong'.
Sounds like it will become the modern panoptical view which makes us feel being watched every time and a huge platform for porn.