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fudge made with brown sugar and butter and milk and nuts

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However, soon after the gunfight at Panoche Pass, rumors that Murrieta had not been killed sprang up.
The Panoche and Tumey Hills were once covered by a vast inland sea.
Good et al (1997) and Loew et al (2005) inferred that the Ciervo Hills population in the north was founded by one or several recent migrants from the nearby Panoche Valley and is isolated from other populations by distance and geographic barriers.
1 million panels planned for the Panoche Valley installation, construction is scheduled to commence by the end of the year.
For even if broadband connections were more widely available in Panoche Valley or Hollister, for example, many residents wouldn't be able to afford them.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 27, 2010--S&P affirms Panoche Energy Center at BBB- on enhanced ops(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Simply make a selection from the on-site bar's more than 20 beers and 60 wines--including a Panoche Valley, Calif.
while in the valley of Little Panoche Creek, Brewer reported that, "we came on a drove of ten antelope, the first we have seen.
This large, elongate, tectonically emplaced serpentinite body, which measures about 19 km long by 6 km wide by 5 km deep, intrudes parts of the Panoche Formation (Upper Cretaceous) and the Franciscan Complex (late Mesozoic to early Tertiary), and forms the core of a large anticline that lies between the San Andreas fault and Coast Ranges to the west and the Great Valley to the east.
The soil at the Fresno County location is a Panoche clay loam [fine-loamy, mixed (calcareous), thermic Typic Torriorthents].
Line 401 brings natural gas into California from Canada--stretching 425 miles from Malin, OR (California/Oregon border) to Panoche Station in San Benito County.
2) What is the relationship between the San Joaquin Valley population and the Panoche Valley populations that lie to their west?
Gill Ranch Storage is located about 25 miles west of Fresno and will include an approximately 27-mile, 30-inch pipeline, which will connect to the PG&E Line 401 north of Panoche, Calif.