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CECILY: Yes, and only let anybody offer to spoil, waste, or steal any of em, and they shall find that tho' Cecily is not the great pan of the dairy, she ant a little pannikin
Urszula said: "It warmed the heart when you returned to the hut after a long day's work, tired out and cold and found your pannikin of soup still warm because some kind heart tucked it away in your bunk and carefully wrapped it in a rug.
She showed photographs of two of her great grandchildren, aged about six and eight, in the mangroves alone with axe and pannikin collecting mangrove worms.
The judge: "You then boiled some water, put it in a large pannikin, went to the front door of Helen James' unit and called out, 'Helen, look here.
71): Dingo Cave (6N-160) (Beier 1969; Richards 1971), Cocklebiddy Cave (6N-48, 31[degrees]57'5, 125[degrees] 55'E), Pannikin Plain Cave (6N-49, 32[degrees]02'5, 126[degrees]11'E), Murra-El-Elevyn Cave (6N-47) (Beier 1975), Tiggas Lair, Scudd Cave (N-520) and Phyllistine Flattener Cave (6N-194) (this study).
3) For example, his pannikin (Journals 26) and his slipper (28).
was like the rest of them--a begging one--but he illustrated it by holding up a tin cup to show how much flour was doled out to each of his people--poor flour too, and he compared himself and the tribe to that empty pannikin, for so they had been since the buffalo left them.
2 -- 4) At top, Lou & Mickey's specializes in steak and seafood; Pannikin, above, offers folk crafts, coffee and tea; and Cafe Noir occupies an old house that escaped the wrecking ball.
Diedrich also attempted to buy San Diego-based Pannikin Coffee and Tea, though.
Taste and see,' was the reply and taking up a tin pannikin full of boiling hot brine, the aborigine .
Event major sponsors include: Hotline, Reef, Quicksilver, Roxy, FCS, Hurley, Rusty, Surfing Magazine, Headhunter, Sector Nine, other sponsors include: La Jolla Surf Shop, Mitch's Surf Shop, Wahoo's Fish Tacos, Besell Surfboards, The Shack, El Pescador, Froglanders, Planet Fitness, Pannikin, Rimels, Sushi on the Rock, TD Hays, Bullys, Joe Ropers Ding Repair, Filippis Pizza Grotto, Schneider Surfboards, Gravity Skateboards, South Coast Surf Shop, Christenson Surfboards, SharpEye Surfboards, Skip Frye Surfboards, Edge Surf Shop, Wax Research, O'Neill, Kiels Market, World Famous, Choice Customs Surf Boards and Krispy Kreme.
If you're hunting for coffee or tea along this stretch, you won't find a Starbucks, but instead Pannikin, housed in the former Encinitas train depot (moved to the current location at 510 N.
Pannikin was that sole coffee roaster who had a retail/roaster shop in the La Jolla area.
Next door is Pannikin (32), a coffee store that roasts beans and sells brewing equipment.
NASDAQ:DDRX), Thursday announced that the company was unable to reach final agreement in remaining negotiations and has terminated its bid to acquire substantially all of the assets of Pannikin Coffee & Tea, a privately held company based in San Diego.