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an important or influential (and often overbearing) person

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The Grand Panjandrum was an aged gentleman of color, whose wrinkled face was enlivened by an irrepressible comicality of expression, which not even the solemnity of this occasion could quell.
Panjandrum #2 was wholly different: Bernard Levin, a bellicose columnist with considerable anti-Soviet courage, with adolescent glee in others' sufferings, with a reputed tendency to lionize Wagner even when under general anesthetic, and with the most boorish prose idiom since Theodore Dreiser last vomited alphabet soup.
You can always count on Hollywood panjandrum Harvey Weinstein to be bombastic about his own restraint.
Coyote would have had a field day) built, among other things, the Great Panjandrum, a rocket-powered, explosives-laden cart meant to zoom up the beaches of Normandy and blast through German defenses.
Cabinet grand panjandrum Peter Mandelson privately admits it's frustratingly tough to make a positive case for Labour until the country's going forward not backward.
The ebullient mid-20th century British Labour Party panjandrum, Richard Crossman, used to rub his hands with glee as he contemplated the endless drama and unpredictability of political life.
grand panjandrum of the Evening Standard, making bestsellers and
Perhaps as a high-minded journalist, or BBC panjandrum, flushing out hypocrisy and cant, making and breaking reputations.
What should disturb us though, is this: according to the Jockey Club, the chief executive of the Horseracing Regulatory Authority, who sounds suspiciously as though he might equally appropriately be referred to as the Grand Panjandrum of the Whole Damn Shebang, should possess all sorts of admirable qualities quite apart from a good suit and a pair of shoes whose soles don't need sticking to the uppers with superglue.
Henry Mackenzie, the panjandrum of the Edinburgh literati who nominated him 'ploughman poet', accommodated Burns's coarseness, partly, one suspects, because Burns followed suit with the Edinburgh set and had been moved by Mackenzie's posturing novell The Man of Feeling.
Had you been doing business with one of the supplier companies represented by industry icon Bob Kwait, grand panjandrum of Robert J.
Panjandrum Press (Los Angeles) published his collection of poems, Sea Urchin Harakiri, translated by Clayton Eshleman, in 1986.
Panjandrum can repeat a recent course and distance victory in the Press Interactive To Bet Direct Handicap.
His Mencken ranks as "America's greatest journalist," "the sharpest, cruelest, most self-assured wit in the history of American letters," "the reigning literary panjandrum of the twenties, a critic whose blistering attacks on the culture and customs of the Bible Belt (a term he coined) had made him the idol of every aspiring young writer in America.
The committee also decided that Johnson was guilty of not honouring payment for Panjandrum within 12 days of claiming the horse at Lingfield in January and fined him pounds 300.