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a button to push in order to summon help in case of an emergency

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If they are facing an emergency, children can use the Child Tracker panic button.
A California bill was introduced on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, that requires hotels to provide hotel room cleaners with panic buttons, according to US media reports.
Hotels with the upgraded HotSOS offering can give their employees the React Mobile "Sidekick" panic button that will pair directly with a hotel worker's smartphone, allowing users to activate a widespread emergency alert without having to access or unlock their smartphone in an emergency.
The app utilizes power button as the panic button to send an alert to the numbers added in the emergency list at the time of requirement.
Tenders are invited for the supply, install, commission and provision of training of a stand-alone panic system linked to the fire alarm / wireless panic buttons and associated system for integration into a fire alarm system.
The NEC Chile Panic Button Alert System Solution is one of the country's most easily expandable wireless alarm systems available.
The same site also says there are prototypes with "ruggedised" features which could see Apple create its first The new iPhone could also include a panic button that locks the device and transmits a warning signal to the emergency It's expected to cost around the same as the 6S, currently on sale starting from PS539.
Considering the limitations of these devices, the government has come up with an idea of having inbuilt panic button in all cell phones," Gandhi said while addressing a ' Student Parliament' on issues faced by girl students.
In Adana, the panic button was provided to 103 people, of whom 18 continue to use the device.
In one case a beat bobby who pressed the panic button while tackling a burglar in Erdington showed up as being in BLACKPOOL.
She said: "I need Louie by my side because I have regular anxiety attacks and he helps to calm me down or presses the panic button whenever he senses that I'm in trouble.
Each time Bob Singh Atwal was faced with the would-berobbers, at Dil Raj Stores, in Holbeck Way, he managed to press a panic button which has caused the thugs to scarper.
In light of the 24-year-old's death, another question surfaced: Would a panic button or emergency phone at any of the bank ATMs have saved her life?
com)-- Roteck is re-launching the Impact Panic Button for the European market.
Police in India have begun investigating after a female pilot onboard a plane reportedly pushed the cockpit hijack panic button when fed-up passengers asked when they would take off following a delay.