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Synonyms for panic

go to pieces


Synonyms for panic

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for panic

an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety

sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events

be overcome by a sudden fear

cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic

References in classic literature ?
It is ill if I turn and fly before these odds, but it will be worse if I am left alone and taken prisoner, for the son of Saturn has struck the rest of the Danaans with panic.
The moral hesitation which decided the fate of battles was evidently culminating in a panic.
The flight that ensued turned to a stampede, and the stampede to a panic.
Now it was an optimistic opinion on the panic, a funny story, a serious business talk, or a straight take-it-or-leave-it blow from the shoulder.
In spite of the panic, more and more people were coming to Oakland right along.
Such was his utter panic that he might well have bitten his veins and howled.
And there was no answer from the blind walls, from the hall outside, nor from all the world, and, his moment of panic over, Cocky was his brave little self again.
As darkness came on, the hunting-cries to right and left and rear drew closer--so close that more than once they sent surges of fear through the toiling dogs, throwing them into short-lived panics.
With the coming of night in the mid-afternoon, the cries sounded closer as the pursuers drew in according to their custom; and the dogs grew excited and frightened, and were guilty of panics that tangled the traces and further depressed the two men.
Once he uttered a piercing call that reverberated through the jungle; but Tantor, in the panic of terror, either failed to hear, or hearing, dared not pause to heed.
Far out in the jungle Tantor, the elephant, his first panic of fear allayed, stood with up-pricked ears and undulating trunk.
I was seized by the consequent panic, and went over the side in a surge of bodies.
Some woman who could not see the cause of the uproar, out of her overwrought apprehension raised the cry of fire and precipitated the panic rush for the doors.
At times he was a prey to agonies of morbid uneasiness, amounting sometimes to panic.
All these baffling head-reaches after immortality are but the panics of souls frightened by the fear of death, and cursed with the thrice-cursed gift of imagination.