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Synonyms for panic

go to pieces


Synonyms for panic

great agitation and anxiety caused by the expectation or the realization of danger

something or someone uproariously funny or absurd

Synonyms for panic

an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety

sudden mass fear and anxiety over anticipated events

be overcome by a sudden fear

cause sudden fear in or fill with sudden panic

References in classic literature ?
It's dog eat dog, and I ain't overlooking any meat that's floating around," Daylight proclaimed that afternoon to Hegan; and Simon Dolliver went the way of the unfortunate in the Great Panic who were caught with plenty of paper and no money.
By dinner, his brain was well clouded and the panic forgotten.
The man was running away with the rest, and selling his papers for a shilling each as he ran--a grotesque mingling of profit and panic.
He knew the panic of terror which the scent of the Gomangani inspired within that savage breast, and as night drew on, hope died within his heart and in the stoic calm of the wild beast which he was, he resigned himself to meet the fate which awaited him.
The first panic of terror relieved, he urged his men forward to attack with their heavy elephant spears; but as they came, Tantor swung Tarzan to his broad head, and, wheeling, lumbered off into the jungle through the great rent he had made in the palisade.
When, however, he saw the Trojans swarming through the breach in the wall, while the Achaeans were clamouring and struck with panic, he cried aloud, and smote his two thighs with the flat of his hands.
The moral hesitation which decided the fate of battles was evidently culminating in a panic.
Such was his utter panic that he might well have bitten his veins and howled.
And, along with Kent, Edelmann says that feelings of panic are often a useful response to a realistic fear.
The women were asked to report any panic attacks they had experienced in the six months before the study began.
It is summer panic that will make me buy at least three pairs of el cheapo sunglasses before I go to Ibiza - wayfarers, aviators and the de rigueur Jackie Os.
Panic attacks typically begin suddenly, with no apparent reason.
Will Basnett I was in Morrisons this morning - panic buying gone mad.
A regional perspective Dr Linda Sakr, a UAE-based counselling psychologist formerly based at Dubai Community Health Centre for more than ten years, said roughly 20 per cent of the patients she deals with carry a diagnosis of panic disorder, which is "common and prevalent" in both the expatriate and the local Emirati community.
Panic Disorders can occur in the context of any Anxiety Disorder as well as other mental disorders The essential feature of Panic Disorder is the presence of recurrent, unexpected panic .