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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation

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Reports indicate that while the panga boat made an attempt to flee the scene of the incident, it was later interdicted by a different Coast Guard boat and helicopter.
Also included are the use of kayaks, basic kayaking instruction, food, Mexican fishing license and panga support.
With the afternoon fading and the travelers' weariness now turned to amazement, the pangas headed toward the island.
Their clamor overwhelms us when our panga pilot, Luis, kills the engine as we draw near.
Photo: A mother sea lion and her baby snooze on the sh ore as a panga skiff heads back to its anchored yacht in the Galapagos Islands.
Procurement - Lot 1: Service Design: Installation of Access Bridge Section Connecting T345, B 2000 M, Valea Larga~~ - Umc Jilt Nord, Cpv Code 79421200-3; - Lot 2: Service Design: Modernization Trafo Station 206 Kv Tismana Ii - Umc Tismana, Cpv Code 79421200-3; - Lot 3: Service Design: Extension Ohl 20Kv 1-2 Panga, Panga Career, 04.
Tenders are invited for Construction of steel bridge 3x35 m span over river panga near b.
Vice Consul Duke Villanueva of the Philippine Consulate General in Chongqing and Department of Trade (DOT)-Shanghai Head Gerry Panga gave brief remarks during the event, which was enlivened by a cultural performance of the Sidaw Dance Troupe and Acoustic Ensemble.
9 in Indonesia, Marines and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Group and USS Bonhomme Richard Expeditionary Group flew 60 sorties to the towns of Kalang, Lamno, Kuede Tennom, Meulaboh, Lhdong, Kreung Raya and Panga Jaya, transported 98,600 pounds of water, food and relief supplies, and medically evacuated 30 Indonesians.
Mumbai, May 11 (ANI): Playback singer Shaan launched a music video 'Life se panga mat le yaar' (Don't play with life) as a part of an anti-tobacco campaign in entertainment capital Mumbai on Tuesday.
Managing director Panga Vathanakul said: "We want the world to know that the Royal Cliff is one of those special hotels with 'soul and charisma' and that we have more than one hotel at the Royal Cliff.
Nicholas Achilles, 45, advertised the more expensive cod on his takeaway menu when it was in fact an Asian freshwater catfish called panga.
we were divided into Panga boats for the short jaunt across the bay to our blinds.