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a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation

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Two days later, the community's attorney responded with a letter stating that Brittney's disability meant she would be granted reasonable accommodations regarding Panga and that the seven-day notice would be withdrawn.
El diagnostico en Omitlan es triste: 83 casas, como la mitad del pueblo, sepultadas; no hay luz ni telefono porque los postes quedaron bajo toneladas de lodo; las carreteras desaparecieron y escasean las pangas que los ayudarian a salir a buscar comida.
Mr Simpson added that Richardson, who had previous convictions for violence and causing damage, used to be a farmer and used the panga for cutting down thistles.
He told the court he had trouble getting cod and had failed to change his signs telling customers he was selling the cheaper farmed panga.
We could only hear the sound of small waves lapping against the sides of our panga.
We take the pangas out to sea," he continues, "two hours or more from land, and fish for forty-eight hours, taking turns resting for a bit in a corner of the panga.
It's accessible only via a two-hour flight and a 45-minute panga ride from the nearest town, Bahia de los Angeles.
Jose-Ramon gave the panga one last push off the gravelly beach, and lifted himself gracefully up over the bow.
Maina Maranga allegedly slashed his wife Susan Wanjiku with a panga and she became unconscious.
Getting Russian investments will help further diversify the mix of foreign investments in the country's economic zones, Peza Deputy Director General Tereso Panga said.
Flowever, I recommend that you take the short panga "mothership" ride out to the fishing grounds to give you more options and see more of the rugged and scenic shoreline.
de filetes de panga * 1 cebolla * 6 cucharadas de aceite * 2 cucharadas de tomate frito * 2 huevos * 1 vaso devino * miga de pan * 4 cucharadas de leche * sal * pimienta Remojar en un bol, la rebanada de pan en la leche.
He says not even a single panga exists in the camp as the UN reportedly tightened security for those living in the protection sites.
He would break into the houses, rape the women and girls and then hack everyone to death with an axe or panga machete.
According to the notification issued by the FATA Secretariat the newly declared Shakai tehsil would be comprised villages of South Waziristan Agency, Sperkai Sade Khel of Nawaikot, Sperkai Sodankhel of Zoorkot, Sperkai Sade Khel of Mandata, Khonia Khel Sharmal Khel of Dand, Khonia Khel Amand Khel of Dand, Khonia Khel Chini Khel of Ada Panga, Khonia Khel Potia Khel of Zhawar, Khonia Khel Sikandar Khel of Tsaleer (Chaleer), Malik Khel of Monito Miamai of Sangoti, Shodiakai Pur Khel of Splay Poran, Shodiakai Macha Khel of Mazdak, Shodiakai of Rabot, Mughal Khel, Bizan Khel, Hitti Khel, Khojal Khel of Sang, Khojal Khel of Lanki Noor and Khojal Khel Khamrang,