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an orator who delivers eulogies or panegyrics

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It so happens that when al-Ma'arri places the panegyrist in his dream, he embellishes it with unprecedented comfort, like the grove with fabulous trees, as if he were 'Allah's special guest.
[and] speak the truth boldly." (87) Yet writing to Valla more than fifteen years later while he was undergoing an inquisitorial process for his exercise of intellectual freedom and scholarly innovation, Filelfo makes it clear that Valla should censor himself, and he even suggests that he should shift his vocation solely to that of a chronicler or panegyrist for his patron.
IF THERE IS A WRITER IN THIS COMPANY who nearly fits Said's description of the Orientalist enterprise, it is Francois-Auguste-Rene, Vicomte de Chateaubriand, best known as a memoirist, diplomat, panegyrist of Christianity, and novelist of American Indian noble savagery.
Could it be just a coincidence that the Sociedad Rural, for decades perhaps the primary panegyrist of British farming, has recently associated with a large American corporation to run its exhibition grounds in Palermo?
the last resort of the panegyrist when all they could plead for their hero was the goodness of his intentions" In his view there was little to justify the '...
It also served--even if this became apparent only in retrospect--to equip Mann with a degree of critical distance which helped him to remain aware of his own past, whilst resisting the temptation that the reactionary thought of the 1920s might have presented to the panegyrist of German culture.
For the notion of family remained clear; as a panegyrist wrote, 'a useless son is more willingly tolerated as a successor than an ill-chosen stranger [non-family member]'.
A casualty of recent criticism is the perception of him as an obsequious (if belatedly disgruntled) panegyrist of Queen Elizabeth who steered clear of controversial issues.
Eusebius, who was a biblical scholar long before he became a historian, biographer and panegyrist, was well aware of the whole range of aspects embodied by the figure of Moses.(41) He consciously invoked Moses as the prototypical leader in whom political and spiritual authority are combined.
One such is the modern poet Vitezslav Nezval, arguably the most gifted Czech poet of the twentieth century and yet, for much of his later career, a shameless apologist for Stalinism and an effusive panegyrist of Stalin himself.
As outspokenly confident as any 1660s royal panegyrist, Fielding asserts that his wealthy and imperial England can dismissively characterize dissent on the periphery as "rebellious Rabble." He constructs England as an aristocratic estate to whose august authority "Outlaws, Robbers, and Cut-throats" sneaking about on the outskirts can pose no serious threat.
This was greatly enlarged through his association with al-Mu`tasim's court, where he became the most acclaimed panegyrist of his day.
The panegyrist praises the ancestor of the honorand by attributing to the ancestor deeds which are the achievements of the honorand, like the Actian Games and the lustrum, thus claiming for them the authentication of antiquity.
The wit of Cromwell's panegyrist was no doubt engaged by the conjunction of music and architecture and by the idea of political harmony founded upon consent in Waller's exploitation of classical myth; but it was the ironic aptness of the image of Commonwealth as ~Instrument' in the first line of the earlier tribute to Charles I that would have had an irresistibly topical appeal towards the end of 1654.
In the second century of our era, a Greek panegyrist could present the Roman Empire as a commonwealth of cities, and hardly a single Roman or early Byzantine emperor failed to found cities to perpetuate his memory and that of his family.