pane of glass

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sheet glass cut in shapes for windows or doors

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Ms Robinson raised the alarm, heard a bang, and found he had left and a pane of glass in a door had been smashed.
Shattered glass on the road at the foot of Alexandra Tower; and, below, the remains of the pane of glass which fell
A large pane of glass fell from the top of the Castlegate Shopping Centre and smashed near a waiting bus queue.
A pane of glass in the door of the Northumberland Street McDonald's was vandalised on Tuesday, October 25.
We are asking people to sponsor a pane of glass for PS100.
SolarWinds recently announced new and enhanced product offerings to help IT ensure optimal application performance by monitoring the complete application stack (AppStack) through a single pane of glass.
Each pane of glass weighs nearly half a tonne and is made up of five different layers.
Thus, the (im)possible parallelism of the title disclosed the making of the other pane of glass as an exercise in careful repetition, challenging the untranslatable but (almost) repeatable beginning implicit in destruction.
Stratusphere Adapter: Single Pane of Glass Monitoring with VMware vCenter Operations - Stratusphere Adapter allows an integration feed for Stratusphere FIT desktop assessment metrics and Stratusphere UX user experience metrics into VMware vCenter Operations.
VirtualIQ, the company's flagship product suite, allows organizations to obtain a holistic view and control of their virtual infrastructure including servers, applications, storage, and clients independently of the underlying cloud computing platform through a single pane of glass web console.
Shopping centre officials have been in talks with Coventry City Council chiefs about the canopy's future since a pane of glass fell 15ft from the canopy's roof in July.
Consider binding your wrists in case the glass cuts them, and if a pane of glass breaks, don't try to catch it as it falls.
A MAN smashed a pane of glass in a hotel front door because he had lost his key.
To install a new pane of glass just follow the simple tips.
NO PANE, NO GAIN: Workers make their preparations for the broken pane of glass to be lifted out by a giant crane at the National Botanic Gardens, Carmarthenshire PICTURE: Carl Stringer