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Synonyms for panderer

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

a person who serves or caters to the vulgar passions or plans of others (especially in order to make money)

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This shallow effort is slightly more than that shown by the green panderers but still only penetrates skin deep into business practices, thus creating a "green skin.
The relationship in The Crafty Whore between the panderer and her young charge, moreover, parallels that between Bianca and the Widow, Leantio's mother, in Middleton's play.
Mathias is a panderer and falls fawningly at his master's feet in blind obedience.
To the mainstream left, Bill Clinton might have been a shameless panderer who punted on gays in the military and co-opted conservative issues like welfare reform, but he was still, after all, a liberal.
And since the statute is limited to purported "visual depictions," it does not include literature and it would not apply to virtual child pornography, as long as the panderer does not say it is real.
Mr Obama also accused Mrs Clinton of being a dishonest panderer.
Todd Freeman, as diminutive club owner Pewee Abernathy, also delivers an extraordinary performance, and an appealingly quirky one, combining dry humor with neurosis to create an oddly lovable panderer.
The Preliminary, Premier Panderer Award goes to Senator Clinton, who (not alone, but most publicly) has called for bailouts for homeowners in trouble because they signed on for exotic loan programs or didn't qualify in the first place.
In addition to being ill-informed about the facts and a panderer to those who hate the US, he is practising this very imperialism himself, by telling the US what it should do.
The prevailing approach to pandering is panderer-oriented, based on the rights that the panderer draws from the First Amendment.
Formerly the professional prostitute and her representative, the panderer, displayed little interest in Americans.
Clinton will be to navigate the primary process on the war and other issues in a way that attracts, or at least assuages, liberal voters while not casting her as a poll-driven panderer or locking her into positions that could complicate a general election campaign.
Michael X becomes a 'Negro' in London, a panderer to British fantasies about race.
Sometimes called a hustler, mack, panderer, madam, or procurer--not to mention other, less savory names.
JUST HOW CRAVEN A panderer is Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist?