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Only now have enlightened chief constables cottoned on that a visible presence is vital in so many ways to combat crime, and that sending the peelers in a panda car is not the same.
POLICE have advised the public to ask for proof of ID if they want to check any officer's identity after a thief stole a uniform from a panda car.
1974 A high-speed chase through Newcastle today ended with a police panda car plunging over a 100ft drop into Jesmond Dene.
Then I saw a copper get out of a blue and white panda car and walk over to look at my brother on the ground.
The Morris Minor enthusiast owns a former Cardiff and South Wales Police panda car which he takes to shows and local events.
Blocked off: The panda car in Bradford Street Digbeth after the crash with a van early yesterday morning
The Panda car - which had its siren and blue lights activated - collided with a silver Ford Escort at the junction of Lingmell Road.
The man drove off at speed and a chase through Holmfirth, New Mill and Scholes ended in failure when the 4x4 vehicle took to a rocky track at Hirst Lane near the Crossroads pub, above New Mill preventing the police panda car from following.
Newport Crown Court heard Emerson-Thomas also rubbed tea-soaked paper towels into the face and arm of PC Bartlett after he was handed the keys to a Panda car rather than the preferred police van.
But the celebrity played down police reports and said he climbed into the panda car for a laugh.
TWO police officers are under investigation after romping with a woman in a panda car.
A 15-year-old schoolboy was killed yesterday when the car he was in smashed into a parked Army truck while fleeing from a panda car, police said.
The policeman died after his panda car overturned as he and a colleague chased suspected joyriders through country lanes.
PC Robert Brown, 64, arrived for his final shift in a vintage Morris Minor panda car and was met by an honour guard of friends family and colleagues.
90s 1992 Raiders rammed a police panda car in a stolen getaway vehicle - injuring two officers - when they were cornered at the scene of a burglary.