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large black-and-white herbivorous mammal of bamboo forests of China and Tibet

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Let's hope this dance with death isn't the end for Panda Bear.
Where Deakin sings lead vocals: 1 Where Avey Tare sings lead vocals: 8 Where Panda Bear sings lead vocals: 2 Note: Table made from pie chart.
On May 26, the lovable superfighting panda bear named Po returns to the big screen.
A loss of habitat has made the giant panda bear one of the world's most endangered species--only about 1,600 still live in the wild, mainly in central China--so scientists now breed them in captivity.
A RARE miniature calf with markings similar to a panda bear was born on a farm in northern Colorado, US.
The Smashing Pumpkins, the Decemberists, the National, Okkervil River and Panda Bear, Menomena and many others will perform in 17 clubs and during two outdoor concerts.
Coyne was surrounded by dancing yetis and girls in what looked like sexy panda bear outfits.
Apart from that, cup and saucer, panda bear, all made of vegetables are also on display.
Created in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation, the game follows the character of Po the panda bear from his family's noodle shop through to his quest to become a Kung Fu master.
If, say, a panda bear is unique for being black and white and vegetarian, then we can be unique for landing on the Moon, discovering the speed of light, and inventing chess.
These newly designed headphones now come in an animal-themed package--which includes bear, panda bear and tiger motifs--along with a matching animal-themed optical computer mouse, priced at $15.
The colors are vivid and the representations are creative, such as one from a 12-year-old from Hungary who drew a panda bear head with a black and white map on the face, and a 7-year-old from Australia whose map depicts doves holding the world in a fish net.
The difference between Kansas City jazz of the 1930s and, say, New York or Chicago jazz," playwright Eric Simonson explains in regards to his music-infused new play Carter's Way, "is like the difference between a panda bear and a grizzly.
It was the high point of my career,'' says Bernstein, 65 and still an affable panda bear of a man.
Among the more unusual hot air balloon entries this year are ones in the shape of the popular Japanese cartoon figure ''Doraemon'' and another in the form of a panda bear.