panchromatic film

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photographic film sensitive to light of all colors (including red)

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Holm was pointing out the differences in shading between orthochromatic and panchromatic film, but I think the corollary is "old photos may be staged so they could fib a little too".
A dress rehearsal (top) of a panto or Christmas show at the Coventry Theatre photographed by C M Barlow' (above) a dress rehearsal of Babes in the Wood in 1951 and (right) a night shot of the Opera House using the-then new panchromatic film.
Most people are accustomed to the look of normal black and white panchromatic film. But this type of film is sensitive to a limited spectrum.
Flaherty was the first major film director to make feature - length documentary films; he also pioneered the use of panchromatic film stock.
It uses Konica-Minolta Opto AgH film, and is working with Konica to develop a panchromatic film for colour holograms.