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Synonyms for panacea



Synonyms for panacea

something believed to cure all human disorders

Synonyms for panacea

hypothetical remedy for all ills or diseases

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Our lead drug candidate, our late-stage pipeline of pre-clinical candidates, as well as our cancer diagnostic products, constitute Panacea Pharmaceuticals' integrated cancer management program.
Panacea, at present, boasts of Mary Byerly, E-RYT 500 and Debra Marcos, RYT 200 as central members of their staff.
Under the new deal, Panacea Healthcare Solutions will resell Career Step's ICD-10-CM and PCS complete skill assessments and the ICD-10-CM and PCS configured practice case studies via ICD University and Panacea's consulting division.
MANCHESTER based Panacea Property Development announces the start on site of the first phase of the prime PS25m mixed use development at Riverway Stafford.
London, August 27 ( ANI ): Helen Flanagan was spotted partying at Panacea nightclub in Manchester, while being dressed up like a school girl.
The group discussed in this book is the Panacea Society, a communal society based in a row of semi-detached houses in Bedford.
Thomas Levy's Primal Panacea is arguably the best book ever written about vitamin C.
Biobent Polymers (Marysville, Ohio, USA), a new division of Univenture, in January launched its Panacea family of bioplastics, noting, "The new bio-composite is the industry's first bioplastic resin to maintain the characteristics of the base plastic material while replacing up to 40% of the petroleum normally used in plastics manufacturing.
Joe Akka, who runs trendy celebrity club Panacea in Manchester city centre, suffered a severe facial injury when he was attacked close to the club's VIP area.
Summary: Panacea One has announced the completion of a number of key projects for a major oil and gas client in Algeria.
OK, it was Coleen Rooney, left, and not hubby Wayne who was still looking striking as she sneaked out of Manchester's Panacea nightclub past the bins just before dawn with friends yesterday.
Research done both at Panacea and in collaboration with Brown University / Rhode Island Hospital has established HAAH as an excellent drug target for cancer therapy as well as a marker for cancer diagnosis.
In the April 2008 issue, the title of a story on ginseng is Una perdurable panacea ["An Enduring Panacea"].
With superior pressure redistribution and tested compliance for entrapment guidelines, Panacea mattresses combine quality and affordability.
The old liberal panacea for solving urban transportation ills--multibillion-dollar mass transit systems--is coming into question, and market-oriented approaches to transportation are suddenly being taken seriously .