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a writer of pamphlets (usually taking a partisan stand on public issues)

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What their inspirational pamphleteer, Thomas Paine, said then, applies now: "These are the times that try men's souls" (women's, too).
Roger L'Estrange was arguably one of the most prominent figures in the pamphlet wars of Restoration England through both his activities as press licenser and direct participation as a pamphleteer. Peter Hinds recognises that "reaction to L'Estrange has been characterised by a neglect that is out of all proportion to his importance and prolific writing output" (43), as Anne Dunan-Page and Beth Lynch's Roger L'Estrange and the Making of Restoration Culture (2008) was the first in-depth study since the publication of George Kitchin's Sir Roger L'Estrange: A Contribution to the History of the Press in the Seventeenth Century in 1913.
Googling a runner Daniel Defoe 8.10 Windsor Born Daniel Foe around 1659, Defoe was an English writer, journalist and pamphleteer who gained enduring fame for his novel Robinson Crusoe.
AGREAT crowd gathered on the Liverpool quayside to greet the famous radical pamphleteer and journalist returning home after more than two years of self-imposed exile.
Yesterday's lead editorial erroneously identified the American patriot Patrick Henry as the author of the phrase "These are the times that try men's souls." The phrase came from the pen of the pamphleteer Thomas Paine, and is found in "The Crisis," the first of a series of works urging resistance to the British army.
Edgar Allan Poe, he of the Raven, was an inveterate pamphleteer. His first works were self-published with an early collection of poems running to just 60 copies.
But Fielding was also a leading playwright, pamphleteer and journalist and this excellent companion's twelve essays look into all these fields.
This very Short Book is more in the tradition of the political pamphleteer than of the scholar.
The title essay, previously available only from atheist pamphleteer Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, received wide distribution and the book became a bestseller in Britain.
Veth was the man who discovered Multatuli, and he himself was a remarkable pamphleteer. With his great knowledge of the Dutch-Indies, Veth played an influential role in shaping the Dutch identity; without the Dutch-Indies, the 19th-century Netherlands would be unthinkable.
I think the lonely pamphleteer has the same rights as The New York Times."
As well as being a pamphleteer, it turned out he was also a bit of a spy.
Camden County College in Camden, N.J., has received $400 from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, which the school used to present a free program on the writings of patriot pamphleteer Thomas Paine during Humanities Festival Week earlier this fall.
Ingratiating himself with well-to-do families in New Jersey (where he briefly settled), he eventually gained notice as a pamphleteer, and activist in Revolutionary America.