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the vast grassy plains of northern Argentina

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If the increase of harvest index under high yield scenarios in sunflower was as strong as in soybean, this would produce an overestimation of 1% in the overall carbon input for this rotation in the Semiarid Pampas. We neither modelled yield trends over time nor estimations of weed carbon inputs.
Who knew the saucy secret of the pampas? I'm sure my pal's mum and dad didn't.
The menu for 'la parilla' includes the Pampas mixed grill, the lamb and goat mixed grill, and the sea food mixed platter, all combining a delicious range of the finest ingredients, cooked to perfection on the grill.
() Cesped de puna, formacion de la zona denominada comunmente como pampa, esta constituida caracteristicamente por plantas de porte reducido, tales como Calamagrostis vicunarum, Geranium sessiliflorum, Scirpus rigida, Lachemilla pinnata y Azorella diapensioides, entre otras (INRENA, 2008)
No solo es el primero en diferenciar una Region de las Pampas, sino tambien en utilizar el nombre Mesopotamia (Navarro Floria, 1999).
26 November 2010 - Danish real-estate developer Sjaelso Gruppen A/S (CPH: SJGR) said today it has agreed to divest 75% of its Pampas office and residential project in Stockholm to Swedish company HSB Bostad AB.
Some are located in the middle of the desert and are the final resting place of inhabitants of the pampas from the glory days of the salt mines.
We worked our way down a creek lined with heavy pampas grass, and we were into deer constantly.