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a trivial act of lying or being deliberately unclear

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It expects directors "to maintain a general familiarity with their company's communications with the public." (134) It has further stressed that directors must play a role because there "may be a tendency for corporate disclosure to lag behind developments [and] there may be resistance on the part of management to make full and fair disclosure." (135) Hedging and paltering occur, and directors must guard against them.
Artful Paltering: The Risks and Rewards of Using Truthful Statements to Mislead Others (Harvard Kennedy Sch.
Schauer and Zeckhauser think that the "harm of the palter is no less than the harm of the lie" (45), although paltering is much more difficult to prove, and there are fewer ways to legally penalize a palter, and people have fewer qualms about paltering, and, as a result, paltering is much more common than lying.
Schauer and Zeckhauser also comment that the government engages in paltering by issuing tax enforcement press releases immediately prior to Tax Day.
Berkowitz capsuling carpeting certainly clavering coxalgies cravingly expulsing flowchart franticly interplay lacewings lawyering neuralgic overmatch packeting paltering panegyric parceling parleying pecuniary picayunes preacting prelaunch privately puckering racketing repacking replacing replating replaying sluiceway Spaulding squawking squeaking squealing traveling unshapely vectorial
It is interesting to compare the definitive statements of these early scholars with the paltering response Ibn Hajar gave centuries later when he was asked whether it is better to take hadith from a skilled scholar or from an untrained but more elevated transmitter; Sakhawi, Jawahir, 1: 25-26.
Unlike the darling spectacle of twenty-five cued gains hitting the stage, or even the lone soloist paltering hopefully in an engulfing proscenium theater, Smith's version of tap instead insisted that the art be intimate (and improvisational).
But unlike Will Kemp in his earlier role of Launce, this performance, while paltering with the primary role of Falstaff, does not cancel it out.
Instead, by paltering and playing cat-and-mouse with the media, it laid itself open to the charge of having "betrayed" Kelly and so contributed to his death.
It would be paltering with the truth to say that Kant's discussion in the Critique of Judgment is crystal clear.
Prudential was guilty of misrepresentation and paltering.
Placed beside him, other critics tend to look anemic and their judgments sound paltering.