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Synonyms for palter

to stray from truthfulness or sincerity

to argue about the terms, as of a sale

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Synonyms for palter

be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information

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Irving Gerstein, chairman of Atlantic Power, said, 'On behalf of the entire board of directors, I would like to welcome Gil Palter to our board.' 'We believe that his considerable strategic, operational and financial expertise will make him a valuable addition to the board, and we look forward to his contributions.'
Palter to its board of directors following the Annual General Meeting on 23 June 2015.
is whether the people who feel that way are entitled to coerce a woman who feels differently to behave as they would in her circumstances." (165) Supreme Court precedent dictates one, and only one, answer: "The Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court in decisions that we are not free to palter with answers this question 'no.'" (166)
They cover historical topics, such as the classic works Zyklus, The King of Denmark, and Interieur I, the Percussion Group Cincinnati, and Herbert BrEn's graphic works; innovative performers and composers like Peter Garland and Stuart Saunders Smith, as well as speaking percussionist music and the role of technology; interviews with percussionists (William Winant, Allen Otte, Morris Palter, Christopher Shultis, and Stuart Saunders Smith) on issues that have affected their creative activities; and anecdotes from performers like Steven Schick, Robyn Schulkowsky, and Allen Otte.
The ceremony also feted Maria Menounos, whom luxury shoe line Palter DeLiso co-founder Lauren Bruksch presented with the Palter DeLiso Charitable Soul award for her work in developing countries; and Jessica Matthews, a tech entrepreneur who created the revolutionary Soccket energy source, and whom Bryce Dallas Howard honored with the Moroccanoil Inspired to Action Award.
Robert Palter, a McKinsey director, is the global leader of McKinsey's Infrastructure Practice.
Accursed be that tongue that tells me so, For it hath cow'd my better part of man: And be these juggling fiends no more believ'd, That palter with us in a double sense; That keep the work of promise to our ear, And break it to our hope.
Dobbs, Richard, Herbert Pohl, Diaan-Yi Lin, Jan Mischke, Nicklas Garemo, Jimmy Hexter, Stefan Matzinger, Robert Palter, and Rushad Nanavatty (2013) "Infrastructure Productivity: How to Save $1 Trillion a Year," McKinsey Global Institute report.
Palter has served on the board of directors of the AAGL; he is the president-elect of the Society of Reproductive Surgery.
They resurrect the term 'palter' for this: intentional deception (it excludes honest mistakes, as well as "negligently or recklessly" (42) misleading people) that does not involve using falsehoods.
(11.) Nicasio AM, Eagye KJ, Nicolau DP, Shore E, Palter M, Pepe J et al.
The weird sisters, divided by age (two old and foul, one young and fair), are "juggling fiends" who "palter with us in a double sense" (5.8.19-20), who mingle truth with falsehood, apparent clarity with equivocation, and whose "doubleness" infects all Scotland under Macbeth's tyranny; the word reverberates throughout the tragedy.