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Synonyms for palsy-walsy

(used colloquially) having the relationship of friends or pals

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I've never sent a text in my life, so the palsy-walsy tone used is totally foreign to me.
This next type of hyphenated word includes several parts of speech and consists of silly-sounding, rhyming pairs, most often with a long-e ending, like whoopsy-daisy, hootchie-kootchie, creepy-crawly, goody-goody, wishy-washy, willy-nilly, ticky-tacky, tootsy-wootsy, namby-pamby, teenie-weenie, freaky-deaky, lovey-dopey, palsy-walsy, hanky-panky, heebie-jeebies, wowee-zowee, itty-bitty, topsy-turvy, hokey-pokey, and honey-baby.
Council members - notorious for their palsy-walsy contracting practices - are feigning concern about the way the CRA awards billions of dollars worth of contracts and land purchases.
There is a happy land not so far away - a lovey-dovey land of palsy-walsy politics with a parliament that doles out milk-and-water mush.