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Synonyms for palpitation

a periodic contraction or sound of something coursing

Synonyms for palpitation

a rapid and irregular heart beat

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Though I plead guilty to some foolish palpitations of the heart during our headlong rush over the causeway here constructed, yet it were unjust to withhold the highest encomiums on the boldness of its original conception and the ingenuity of those who executed it.
But before I got to the second milestone, I had been in so many palpitations from seeing dust in the distance (though I knew it was not, and could not, be the coach yet) that I resolved to turn back and go home again.
It besieged with its last palpitations the tense extremities; it ended by yielding as midnight struck.
Fairlie's health were just as usual, and when I sent up a message to announce my arrival, I was told that he would be delighted to see me the next morning but that the sudden news of my appearance had prostrated him with palpitations for the rest of the evening.
Tupman had arrived some five minutes before, and had frightened the old lady into palpitations of the heart by impressing her with the unalterable conviction that the kitchen chimney was on fire--a calamity which always presented itself in glowing colours to the old lady's mind, when anybody about her evinced the smallest agitation.
A 21-year-old female patient was admitted to our hospital with severe muscle weakness, fatigue, unable to move all extremities and palpitation following a high carbohydrate meal.
These include palpitation due to a missed or extra heart beat, or severe palpitation and even fainting, dizziness or sudden death," said Dr Lochan.
Consultant cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon Saad Al Tamimy said Ms Sha'aban came to him complaining of palpitation (fast heart beat).
He looked a little shaky and said he has had some heart palpitation stuff in the past.
When asked why they began taking benzodiazepine, most of the respondents mentioned their physical symptoms such as sleeping difficulty, anxiety, palpitation and dizziness rather than their psychiatric symptoms appeared.
You may have had a heart palpitation (pal-puh-TAY-shun), instead of a heart murmur, which you can't feel and usually can only hear with a stethoscope.
The extract of digitalis slows the heart rhythm and is useful in some types of palpitation.
Some patients are given ECG monitors to wear at home for one to three days in the hope of recording the heart during a palpitation episode.