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Synonyms for palpitant

having a slight and rapid trembling motion


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"The city sprouts out like a huge organism" (ToC 47), in Miller's words, where other objects share a communal movement, everything is "vibrant" or "palpitant" (ToC 317).
They look large and near and palpitant; as if they moved on some stately service not needful to declare."
MOUNTAIN-BIKE/MOUNTAIN BIKING--"In Romania mountain bike-ul sau macar ciclismul de oras inca nu se bucura de recunoasterea si valoarea pe care o merita." ( [??] "Mountain biking-ul este un sport palpitant de care se poate bucura oricine stie sa mearga pe bicicleta." (
L'Americain Zach Johnson a remporte dimanche le tournoi de Silvis (Illinois), comptant pour le circuit nord-americain de golf (PGA), au terme d'un play-off palpitant.
Il voit d'abord une enorme boule de lumiere palpitant d'amour dans le neant.
(hands enormous, palpitant; feet, the very sense of motion,
The poem's key message is palpitant in that trio of words, which suggests there cannot be too many images that connote mirrorings.
While he occasionally acts in a dominant way for a line or two, he always rapidly dissolves again, making way for the palpitant expansion of Iseult's sensuality.
Ils le font dans un style d'enumeration telegraphique propre a exprimer le caractere palpitant de l'evenement tragique.
In "Le Dessous de cartes" for example the cheeks of the salon guests glow with excitement when they follow the story "[avec] la curiosite la plus vive" and "palpitant d'interet" (2: 133).