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Synonyms for palpation

an act of touching


Synonyms for palpation

a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional)

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The muscle and bone palpation manual with trigger points, referral patterns, and stretching.
Pregnancy was determined based upon sustained P4 concentrations (P4>1 ng/ml) on d 19 and 22, because concentrations of P4 equal or exceeding 1 ng/ml were considered indicative of a functional CL and reconfirmed by transrectal palpation of the uterus on d 40.
She added: "Quick and relatively less expensive, rectal palpation gives accurate results when conducted 45-60 days or more after insemination.
Key words: Neck muscles, scalenus anterior, palpation, clinical anatomy
Cows must be diverted through a narrow alley that allows them to be identified and diverted to a catch lane, catch pen, or palpation rail.
People who fail at palpation usually do so out of fear of hurting the doe or developing embryos.
We have always felt strongly that a midwife or L&D nurse offering labor support should have the option of using skills, such as palpation, checking heart tones, or even checking cervical dilation, which she is qualified and practiced at using if it aids in her support of her client.
The residents performed very well in some areas, including assessment of perfusion status (100% correct), palpation of the carotid artery (100%), palpation of the femoral artery (97%), palpation of precordium (87%), and auscultation using the stethoscope diaphragm (82%), she reported at the meeting, which was cosponsored by Norwalk Hospital.
This led us to conclude that rectal palpation, and not the immobilization process per se, was the most likely cause of reduced calving success and calf survival.
Based on the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans presented in the Case Report, "Bilateral wrist pain * limited range of motion * tenderness to palpation * Dx?" (J Fam Pract.
Although the practice of FNA by pathologists is now well established, this has been done primarily under palpation guidance on superficial palpable lesions.
The present study has revealed that TMD patients felt more pain during palpation than TMD patients associated with bruxism in lateral and posterior discs (p=.026 and p=.000 respectively).
A uterine torsion of [less than or equal to] 1800 may go asymptomatic and resolve spontaneously, but rectal palpation will identify excessive tension over the broad ligament involved.