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  • verb

Synonyms for palpate

to bring the hands or fingers, for example, into contact with so as to give or receive a physical sensation

Synonyms for palpate

examine (a body part) by palpation

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Radius head--pain-free inversion movements underneath the palpating thumb must be possible.
By palpating inferiorly, one can locate the fourth intercostal space for placement of lead [V.
Many authors describe techniques for locating or palpating the scalene muscles (Brantigan and Roos 2004, Falla et al 2002a, Gross et al 2002, Kostopoulos and Rizopoulos 2001, Porterfield and DeRosa 1995, Senjyu et al 2002).
Several slapped veins to get them to "rise to the occasion" without even palpating.
In the persona of Obi-Wan, we found ourselves invading the enemy's flagship in an attempt to rescue the Republic's Supreme Chancellor Palpating from his abductors and capture the evil cyborg leader of the all-droid army, General Grievous.
Upon palpating her lower abdomen we could feel the eggs inside of her, just above the opening of her vent.
By actually palpating a pregnant belly, listening for heart tones with a fetoscope, and feeling a cervix, our workshop participants learn about fetal positioning, pelvimetry, dilation, and station in a way that engages them more thoroughly than if these things were simply discussed.
Each chapter starts with an algorithm outlining essential signs while observing, palpating, and assessing range of motion.
They groom their Old English Sheepdog for 20 minutes every day, but can't bring themselves to spend five minutes gently palpating her mammary glands.
The site of the fistula is determined by placing a hemostat at the midline of the base of the tongue behind the circumvallate papillae and palpating it through the skin surface of the neck.
Critchley will announce the team to the players in Carlow tonight and "Muckle" will be on the edge of his seat with hot flushes, sweating palms and palpating heart making a mess of him.
Only an x-ray will detect the very small tumors as early as two years before you or your physician can feel them by palpating the breast.
Always check the resident for a high impaction by palpating the lower abdominal quadrants when any of the drugs known to cause constipation are in use.