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Synonyms for palpate

to bring the hands or fingers, for example, into contact with so as to give or receive a physical sensation

Synonyms for palpate

examine (a body part) by palpation

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If you palpate close to the due date, you should feel a heavy, full belly.
Checking a medical dictionary for a definition of "palpable" and "palpate" indicates you could digitally feel something, believe you have eliminated it, but the extraction problem remains.
Although there is a substantial amount of research that has focused on the accuracy of self-palpation, we are unaware of any studies that have evaluated the certified fitness trainer's ability to accurately palpate the HR of his or her client.
In this author's opinion, it is advisable to palpate the patient's entire penis and perineal urethra before attempting urethral catheterization.
Place your fingers and thumbs on either sides of the testicles and gently palpate. It's normal for one testicle to hang a little lower than the other so don't let this worry you.
The other instrument is the LapFinger[TM], a unique finger activated laparoscopic instrument designed to palpate with feel, retract with strength and dissect with confidence.
--Visually examine and/or palpate trunk for symmetry, vertebral column alignment or pain, swellings, alopecia, ectoparasites, hair coat quality, and skin abnormalities.
Furthermore, in some patients the two arteries can be difficult to palpate, further increasing the relative benefit of ultrasound.
Palpate on the palmar side in the vicinity of the thumb and finger base joints in order to check for swelling of the flexion tendon which could lead to Digitus saltans.
Open arena Behavioral units Mean SD n Palpate 13.46 13.27 15 Body vibrations 6.91 8.10 12 Palpal drumming 10.25 14.06 16 Leg tapping (one leg) 18.28 42.59 14 Burrowing arena Behavioral units Mean SD n Palpate 17.22 21.93 9 Body vibrations 9.87 7.88 8 Palpal drumming 17.40 19.72 10 Leg tapping (one leg) 27.00 15.72 4
Begin at the top of the manubrium at the jugular notch and palpate inferiorly until the angle of Louis is felt.
Having considered the topographical anatomy of scalenus anterior in the posterior triangle, we can now reflect on our ability to locate, palpate, or record EMG activity in this muscle using surface electrodes.
And just to make sure those does are going to reproduce, you can learn how to palpate with instructions and a diagram by Charlcie Gill on page 69.
When applying oil, they palpate the tissue to discover the areas of tension and congestion; create the vacuum and place the cup.