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  • verb

Synonyms for palpate

to bring the hands or fingers, for example, into contact with so as to give or receive a physical sensation

Synonyms for palpate

examine (a body part) by palpation

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When the clinicians were consulted, they said they could not palpate a parotid mass in the erect position, but could detect a parotid fullness with the patient supine.
Also seek help if it becomes difficult to palpate the testicle.
Palpate groin, Spina iliaca anterior superior, and Crista iliaca.
Begin at the top of the manubrium at the jugular notch and palpate inferiorly until the angle of Louis is felt.
Having considered the topographical anatomy of scalenus anterior in the posterior triangle, we can now reflect on our ability to locate, palpate, or record EMG activity in this muscle using surface electrodes.
And just to make sure those does are going to reproduce, you can learn how to palpate with instructions and a diagram by Charlcie Gill on page 69.
Cases include a trivial problem such as a sore throat which may require the doctor to palpate for swollen glands and examine the patient's chest.
When applying oil, they palpate the tissue to discover the areas of tension and congestion; create the vacuum and place the cup.
Moreover, we did not find it more difficult to palpate and determine pregnancy in older compared to younger cows, which could possibly have explained the age class disparity in the observed fetal and calf loss; i.
They confer, they palpate, they manipulate, and they concur that it does in fact feel like a cyst.
LapFinger mimics the ultimate dissection tool - the human index finger - enabling surgeons to dissect with confidence, retract with strength and palpate with feel.
So in the presence of real-time total body scanners, why do I continue to listen and palpate, prod and probe?
The Sunderland team see Breastlight's role in women who find palpation difficult: "Women who have confirmed recurrent cysts find it difficult to palpate.
For example, with a finger in the rectum, palpate transrectally the thickness of the perineal body.
Then palpate the pubococcygeal, transverse perineal, and internal obturator muscles.