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Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

capable of being perceived


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can be felt by palpation

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14, 1970, after hearing that the chartered DC-9 -- carrying most of Marshall University's football team and coaching staff as well as a number of prominent local citizens -- has crashed, you can palpably feel the anguish as parents and children, friends and neighbors watch helplessly in the orange glow of the flaming wreckage.
Now the fact that historically "the church" has referred more palpably to an authority to be reckoned with than to a sustaining community of faith went a long way to making Max Weber's thesis palatable: the university providing its own context as a substitute for church as it functioned in the medieval centers of learning.
Looking around, we would probably sense the mounting anticipation, the palpably felt excitement in the air.
Not only because they represent work that is palpably finer, but because they exuded confidence, wit and made cultural references that were far from local, without any trace of self-consciousness.
During the quintet, even people working in the basement could palpably feel that something important was happening on stage and walked upstairs to stand in the wings.
Winchester also provides a palpably vibrant picture of life in San Francisco just before and following the earthquake.
In such passages Mackendrick begins to suggest the quality of his own films, under whose controlled surfaces and exquisitely lucid story lines a potential for chaos and violence swirls almost palpably.
And when the assembly streams to the font to wet their own faces with baptismal water, everyone's sacramental experience is palpably linked.
He explains, cautiously but convincingly, "how a palpably unlooked-for Reformation was successfully imposed and ultimately embraced" (101).
I know that some of these questions, no matter how palpably real to my mind, would be easy to brush aside for the savvy cultural relativists out there.
The Coalition Provisional Authority, working with the Iraqi Governing Council and ministries, is restoring infrastructure and palpably improving the lives of the Iraqi people, and Iraqi interim Finance Minister Kamel al-Gailani has unveiled trade, investment, and tax reforms that make Iraq one of the most liberalized economies in the region.
Time and experience have given her signature purr a worldly underpinning that endows the Giorgio Moroder-esque "Breathe on Me" and the ornery "Brave New Girl" with a palpably gritty edge.
Here I was, the teacher who talked all the time about the importance of breath, feeling so palpably that last exhale.
That remains the position, but plainly and palpably when you have one million men under arms on either side of the line of control, all in a high state of alert and readiness, both countries have nuclear weapons and one of them -- Pakistan - has said they reserve the right to use them first, then we have a dangerous situation.