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Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

capable of being perceived


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can be felt by palpation

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people At the very least you should face a substantial fine where you've palpably endangered life
But the report said that despite intense security in Sochi, Russians are palpably nervous that following these attacks in Volgograd - which lies 700km north-east of Sochi - bombers could also strike elsewhere.
Yet when Adebayor's contrasting form over the past two seasons is mentioned, there is precious little praise for the fact that Redknapp squeezed the best out of an unpredictable and difficult player, while his more fashionable successor has palpably failed to do the same.
Three hours later, his dismissal, caught by Tim Murtagh at mid-on off George Dockrell (above) (2-97) came as a welcome relief to the Irish camp, and their joy increased when Shaman Ainwar fell to Dockrell from the next delivery, palpably lbw not playing a shot.
Production has not picked up and the usual enthusiasm is palpably missing," said Damodaran of Standard Fireworks, a pioneer in the industry.
But the ministries concerned had been implementing the projects at a snail's pace, a palpably frustrated Gul Agha Sherzai told Pajhwok Afghan News.
These works and Heidi Fasnacht's panoramic photomontage, "London Blitz" (2011), palpably situate the individual within our nuclear era, as if across from us in the mirror.
It is an admirable stance by an admirable man, but ultimately any team or system is only as good as its players, and the quality of Wigan's squad is palpably limited.
And, refusing permission to appeal, he said it was "palpably obvious" the original judge had the girl's welfare in her mind when she imposed the ban.
For many Pacific islanders, World War II remains palpably present.
''Visitors of the Castle can palpably discern the Arabic architecture characterizing it in terms of the towers, walls and fortifications,'' said Adnan al-Hamwi, a tourist guide.
This analysis palpably fails to accord any responsibility to the current Labour/Plaid government for the huge cuts that they have already made to the NHS.
From the first stirrings of her literary consciousness in Boston to their full-fledged height in New York City, Myles takes readers into the depths of three decades' worth of being there--the art, punk, poetry, and lesbian scenes of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, and the often invisible yet palpably policed coterie line of each.
The section leading up to the Death of Tybalt displayed palpably thrilling sonorities, while in Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet fantasy-overture (just imagine what a Tchaikovsky ballet, or even opera on this subject might have been like) Dutoit avoided any suggestion of warhorse posturing, building climaxes in a purposefully expressive way and keeping the love theme under control right up to its final, poignant appearance in the coda.
We do not appoint our scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, footballers or pop stars on the basis of who their parents are and in a modern democracy it is palpably absurd that such an elitist and medieval mechanism can elevate individuals of no particular merit or achievement to positions of such status and eminence.