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Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

Synonyms for palpable

capable of being perceived


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can be felt by palpation

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Queen and |Country looks back on 50s England with palpable nostalgia
The sBLA, seeking expansion of the labeling for the concurrent treatment of multiple palpable cords, is based on positive results from a global, multicenter Phase 3b trial, together with data from the Company's earlier MULTICORD ( Mul tiple T reatment I nvestigation of C ollagenase O ptimizing the R esolution of D upuytren's) studies (AUX-CC-861 and AUX-CC-864).
New research findings published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons indicate that patients who presented with palpable tumors - those detected as a result of breast complaint or during examination - had larger tumors and were at a more advanced stage at diagnosis.
While the majority of palpable breast masses turn out to be benign cysts or fibroadenomas, breast cancer is found in 11 % of women complaining of a breast lump and 4% of women with any breast complaint, she said said at a meeting on women's health sponsored by the University of California, San Francisco.
American Indian, Tory (British loyalist), and frontiersman perspectives on the brewing war for independence make March Into The Endless Mountains come alive with a palpable impression of the daily life and hard choices of the era.
The enthusiasm within our group is palpable," says Haber.
The desire for vengeance on the part of most Democrats and even some Republicans was palpable.
EL SEGUNDO - The Kings' frustration over their slide out of the playoff race became palpable Friday when Sean Avery had a heated verbal exchange with commentator Brian Hayward in the dressing room.
While the pinup and homoerotic appeal of The Outsiders is obvious, more compelling is the palpable isolation, tenderness, and rage that binds this found family of outcasts, who alternately lash out in heartbreaking violence and cling to each other for relief.
The fear is very palpable - that is what we have to acknowledge and respond to.
is now so explicit, palpable, and omnipresent that it is ridiculous to pretend otherwise.
We've all been taught that the browns of the old masters were there to model the figure, to create forms of palpable weight and volume, and that the pure hues of the Impressionists initiated the drift toward modernism by sacrificing solidity to the realization of the flat, decorative surface.
Last year, on a tour of the new Berlin Reichstag with Peter Conradi, BAK President and Client Commissioner, there was a palpable sense of how precious were the democratic aspirations presented by such fine institutions.
She had three palpable occipital lymph nodes, cervical lymphadenopathy, III/VI systolic murmur, two well-healed abdominal scars, a palpable liver 2 cm below the costal margin, and a palpable spleen.
The attention to natural detail imbues the book so strongly that when the Exxon Valdez oil tanker alters that environment overnight, the horror and depression that Holleman describes in her community is palpable (see features, this issue).