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a thorny shrub of the genus Cercidium that grows in dry parts of the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico

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In fifteen black-and-white photographs that hung in a row around the gallery, Bailey documented a 360-degree view of Slab City's makeshift, donation-based Lizard Tree Library nestled under the canopy of a giant paloverde. The library's improvised and elastic architecture is an emblematic model of the unlikely forms in which people, books, and knowledge can organically accrete, even in the most inhospitable settings.
Lowe CH, Hinds DS (1971) Effect of paloverde (cereidium) trees on the radiation flux at ground level in the Sonoran Desert in winter.
The canopy species, Texas paloverde (Cercidium texanum) and bufflegrass (Cenchrus ciliaris), accounted for the largest departures from random for the spatial distribution of bladderpods.
T glandulosa Screwbean Prosopis pubescens T Mulberry, White Morus alba T Olive, European Olea europaea T Pagoda tree, Japanese Sophora japonica T Paloverde Blue Cercidium floridum T Little leaf Cercidium microphyllum T Mexican Parkinsonia aculeata T Pine Aleppo Pinus halepensis T Digger Pinus sabiniana T Italian stone Pinus pinea T Japanese black Pinus thunbergii T Pinyon Pinus cembroides T Pistache, Chinese Pistacia chinensis T Poplar Balm-of-Gilead Populus balsamifera T Bolleana Populus alba var.
Pre-existing boulders bookend the steps leading up to the house, and the paloverde trees came with the site.
Finishing last--but still finishing--was clear, sweet paloverde.
Finally, here are a few examples I especially like because of their meanings: MILDEWED = MILD DEW WED, PALOVERDE = PAL LOVE VERDE or PAL LOVER VERDE, DISCOVERING = DISC COVER RING.
In their native habitat, these trees, such as the Paloverde tree (Cercidium floridum), hawthorns (Crataegus), and others, often develop included bark in branch unions.
While Tom skins my deer he tells me how he managed to grab a good-sized paloverde trunk before the worst of the water wall hit, and he held on as the flood swept over him then receded.
Other communities, such as paloverde (Parkinsonia texana)- or ceniza (Leuco-phyllum frutescens)-dominated uplands or whitebrush (Aloysia gratissima)-dominated drainages, are locally significant.
For instance, the paloverde tree has a definite lifecycle.
When larvae are reared on the blue paloverde, Cercidium floridum, there appears to be a threshold egg size below which larval mortality is nearly 100%.
Gardeners in the arid Southwest, for example, might try native trees such as paloverde and desert willow, or a shrub like ocotillo (flowers of which are a boon to bats and hummingbirds).
The paloverde has pressed a limb against the stucco chimney running up the east wall of my house.