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a horse of light tan or golden color with cream-colored or white mane and tail

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The attractive three-year-old palomino colt Dycott Golden Boy sired by the harness champion Cargarsar Silver Shadow sold for PS3,500 to Miss H Snook of Kearby, West Yorkshire.
Slick play in midfield by Mark Atkins, Palomino and Davis led to Cossacks' second goal, Palomino won the ball on the rightside edge of the penalty area and put in Atkins who turned his man only to be brought down, the referee pointing to the spot.
A pesar de su indecision, la corona busco a la larga asegurar el acceso de los indios al sistema juridico y administrativo espanol y la actuacion de Palomino resulto decisiva en el establecimiento de normas protectoras duraderas.
Palomino says he “chose family medicine because it allows [him] to be closely connected to families and build long-lasting relationships.
If they can continue producing their slick, danceable singles like 'Give It All To Me' it's easy to see Palomino becoming a festival favourite before too long.
Lorena trabajaba ahi, a las ordenes de Cardenas Palomino.
Yesterday she took on the show''s elite horses in a new supreme championship at the halter of Sarnau Sgleinaur, a seven-year-old mare who three weeks ago won the Palomino of the Year title at Malvern.
This golden one, the storytellers say, was the first Palomino found in the New World.
JBH Consulting Group, LLC, an independent oil and gas capital firm based in Kansas City, Missouri, has signed a contract with Palomino Petroleum, Inc.
With: Sofia Espinosa, Martin Piroyansky, Sofia Palomino, Sofia Cell, Fran Capra, Juan Palomino.
The Chamber of Deputies has passed an amendment to the loan contract for the Palomino Hydroelectric Dam, increasing it from US$50 million to US$130 million, reports Diario Libre (Sept.
Since Justice Teaching's inception in 2006, Judge Palomino has served as local coordinator of the program designed to provide interactive constitutional education to all Florida school children.
In the film, set in 2130, the spaceship USS Palomino discovers another ship, the USS Cygnus, hovering on the edge of a black hole.
The chalky albariza soil of the area leads to the production of three varieties of grapes, Palomino (used to make all dry sherry), and Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel (used for blending in some Amontillados and Olorosos, and for the sweet dessert styles).