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Synonyms for palmist

fortuneteller who predicts your future by the lines on your palms

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Palmist Building (Summer), Havana Junction, Alabama.
Those who practice palmistry are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts, or chirologists.
The girls on the extreme right all have elaborate ringlets in their hair but whether the older woman with the spotted dress is the Royal Gipsy Palmist advertised on the board is not known.
I had been working on potential ice-breakers en route to the caravan (my name is Palmer, you're a palmist, etc) but Zara was a friendly sort in her late 30s and we immediately got on like the proverbial caravan on fire.
It was the first time I was seeing her since she moved to Seattle exactly a year ago (I moved to Dubai a few months after) and, five minutes into our excited chatter, she reminded me of a time, 10 years ago, when the two of us had consulted an aeamateurAE palmist.
She was seven or eight, and she and Dad were waiting for her mother, who had some faintly embarrassing errand, a palmist or an acupuncturist.
The diminutive Daniel Borson is brilliantly cast as the palmist Mr.
After the bingo, candy floss and barf-inducing rides we notice Palmist James in his tent.
It is unnecessary to limit oneself to the usual level of performance of the palmist, numerologist, or astrologer.
Neither do narratives of female lack and disempowerment (Dinnerstein, Chodorow, Benjamin) invoked in Western feminist theory to explain the daughter's rejection of her mother apply to the character of Anju, whose repeated insistence on her vulnerability-whether she is trying to wriggle out of paying for a speeding ticket or trying to wheedle the secrets of Nina's future from a palmist by harping on her soon-to-die status--is openly manipulative, aimed at achieving certain ends rather than a sign of actual disempowerment.
He is variously identified as a jeweler, a palmist, an assassin, a nympholept, the wicked technician, Larousse, a nighttime turd in Desert diaper, and Lord.
There will be live entertainment from the Paul James Band, a disco, magician, palmist, and a fun casino.
A recent visit (just for fun) to a palmist predicted that a world famous woman will soon be wearing one of their wedding gowns.
I recently visited a palmist who predicted I would marry and have a baby soon.