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any of several low-growing palms with fan-shaped leaves

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Witness the cider-barrel, the log-cabin, the hickory-stick, the palmetto, and all the cognizances of party.
Near the western extremity, where Fort Moultrie stands, and where are some miserable frame buildings, tenanted, during summer, by the fugitives from Charleston dust and fever, may be found, indeed, the bristly palmetto; but the whole island, with the exception of this western point, and a line of hard, white beach on the seacoast, is covered with a dense undergrowth of the sweet myrtle, so much prized by the horticulturists of England.
Workman's firm, together with legions of volunteers from various Florida forestry Extension programs, are creating new Sabal-palm stands, called hammocks, by planting young palmettos in newly created "safe zones" along the Gulf Coast.
Behind the oceanfront dunes were magnificent stands of live oaks, mixed with prolific groupings of Sabal palmetto, the state tree.