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Synonyms for pallor


Synonyms for pallor

unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

References in classic literature ?
I can't even account for the extraordinary pallor of your complexion.
The pallor of my complexion is nothing,' she answered a little impatiently.
The pallor of her face was gone now - the warmth of the fire burned her cheeks.
He assumed his costume, and fastened on the mask that scarcely equalled the pallor of his own face.
He could not refrain from admiring the severe beauty of his features, the only defect, or rather the principal quality of which was the pallor.
At the mention of his name Tarzan had noted the sickly pallor that overspread the features of the Hun.
Her sudden illness, when the gaiety was at its height, her pallor, the handkerchief she crushed against her lips, the cough she smothered under the laughter while Gaston kept playing the piano lightly--it all wrung my heart.
A transient pallor overspread the speaking countenance of the prime minister; he looked at the queen with anxiety.
The cardinal's face had been painted by Bernouin; but the rouge, which glowed only on his cheeks, threw into stronger contrast the sickly pallor of his countenance and the shining yellow of his brow.