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Synonyms for pallor


Synonyms for pallor

unnatural lack of color in the skin (as from bruising or sickness or emotional distress)

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Majority of the study subjects presented with splenomegaly (74.6%), followed by pallor (45.6%), icterus (10.5%) and hepatosplenomegaly (10.5%).
The most common sign was pallor which was present in 76% patients and edema was present in 70% of patients.
(3) While some patients present with typical symptoms of anemia or gastrointestinal bleeding, such as fatigue, pallor, hematemesis, and melena, others have a much subtler clinical picture or may be asymptomatic altogether.
41-60###1:1.18###Fever, pallor, weakness###AML-M2, AML-M1###107###Karachi , Pakistan###Chang et al.
Pallor, hyperpigmentation and xerosis were most common in CKD patients on hemodialysis, so early recognition of cutaneous signs can relieve suffering and decrease morbidity.
At necropsy, ducklings showed general pallor of skeletal and heart muscles, subcutaneous gelatinous transudates, pericarditis, ascites, and severe edema and hyperemia of lungs.
The most prominent features recorded were frontal bossing, seen in 54% cases, Parietal bossing in 88%; Depressed nasal bridge in 70% ; Pallor of oral mucosa in 84%; Intra oral pigmentation in 88%; Proclination of teeth in 26%; Gingivitis in 82%; Mamelon in 22%.
Bilaterally equal and responsive pupils, pallor, tracheal deviation to the right and a distinct zigzag pattern of bruising over the left upper part of his torso were revealed by a general survey.
The All Stars Face Palette, PS14.90, is a bronzer, highlighter and peachy blush trio that will pep up your January pallor (
Fifty percent children (n=16) had pallor, 12.5 %( n= 4) cough, 9.3 %( n=3) had dysuria and 6.25 %( n=2) had fits recorded as additional presenting symptoms.
Areas of pallor appeared on its wings (online Technical Appendix Figure 1, http://
We've tried rapid tans before, but this one sets a new record - just wearing it for 40 mins before showering it off is enough to lift your pallor.
For a diagnosis, attacks also must have at least one of the following characteristics: pallor, irritability, malaise, vomiting, or ataxia.
The start of last week's Operation Protective Edge and the threat of rocket fire directed toward Tel Aviv have cast a surreal pallor over the young Americans spending their summers in the coastal Israeli city.