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one of the mourners carrying the coffin at a funeral

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McCarron says those served by pallbearer ministries benefit from funerals because they are a recognition of their basic human dignity, as well as an opportunity to receive prayers in the afterlife.
Pallbearers included his brother Neil and ex-Great Britain internationals Paul Sculthorpe and Shaun Briscoe.
"I was a great friend of Bill and it was my idea we use pallbearers from the club and Keith was selected as one of them.
Hewitt was not a pallbearer, he had of course the honour of being a bearer (one who carries the coffin).
About 300 staff, joined by the Grim Reaper, a top-hatted pallbearer and a cardboard coffin, staged the protest outside the London Road depot at Whitley.
He said: "When he called to tell us that he would be a pallbearer, it took a while for it to sink in.
PALLBEARER Feargal Sharkey, centre, helps carry father's coffin
Pallbearer Colour Sergeant Ally Ancorn, who joined the Black Watch on the same day as Ricky, said: "I was not at all surprised by his bravery in tackling the gunman - that was the measure of the man."
Becky's mum Karen led mourners and step-dad Charles edwards was a pallbearer.
A PALLBEARER keeled over and died by the freshly-dug graveside of a teenager as his funeral service was taking place.
Vladimir Kara-Murza, a Russian activist who survived two poisoning attempts for his opposition to Vladimir Putin's government, said that McCain, who was widely seen as one of the Russian leader's fiercest detractors, had asked him to be a pallbearer in April.
It was an absolute honour when Richard asked me to be a pallbearer, it took me back to start with, it was very emotional.
Pretty cool that you're touring with Pallbearer, just the fact that you guys are so different.
Pallbearer ministry is a great idea that is working.
HARDMAN Sherlock, head bowed at back, was a pallbearer at the funeral of murdered Carroll, right