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support paid by one half of an unmarried partnership after the relationship ends

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Chingaro and Palimony recognize that Coyote's power exists and that he appears not only through imagery but also in real life himself.
A friend, Marvin Mitchelson, the late Los Angeles lawyer who represented scores of celebrities and introduced the legal concept of palimony, gave Rhoden an office so he could rebuild his life.
While most people his age were going through puberty, Justin Bieber was being hounded by the pesky paparazzi, slapped with a false palimony suit and becoming the biggest pop phenomenon in the world.
For example, the gift tax possibility noted above may become a factor in distribution of property upon the dissolution of the marriage or domestic partnership unless the transfer is made in satisfaction of a palimony or other valid legal claim.
Palimony may be subject to gift tax or other provisions.
qualitatively different from both alimony and palimony, which are
3d 660), that has been embedded in some textbooks before we met palimony of live-in spouses.
He said alimony in such cases was termed palimony, meaning alimony for your pal.
She sued him for palimony and wrote an unfavourable account of their time together in her 1997 autobiography.
This is despite the fact that there is no law for grant of palimony even in the USA.
I strongly support legislation to streamline divorce, alimony and palimony in Bahrain.
After all, he was friends with both Liz and Liza; and there was that gay palimony suit in 1991.
Coy about his sexuality over the years (he was even sued unsuccessfully for palimony by one man, whom Griffin countersued), at one point he also had a high-profile relationship with Eva Gabor.
Many obituaries this week had noted, in passing, that Griffin had been sued by men a few years back, one for palimony and the other for sexual harassment, but left it at that.