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With respect to this, German paleozoologist Hans Peter Wertman stated that he has not observed such a quantity of horses in the entire Ancient East.
This is the first time a wing membrane like this has been reported before," said paleozoologist Eberhard Frey at the State Natural History Museum in Karlsruhe, Germany.
The project (called Gentes trans Albium) brought together experts on the physical evidence of people, plants, animals, and landscapes (archeologists, paleobotanists, paleozoologists, geologists, soil scientists, geographers) with scholars who specialize in written documents from the same places and times.
He added that international paleozoologists, paleontologists and archaeologists are likely to participate in the work to learn about life on earth millions of years ago.
Among its attractions for paleozoologists, the state contains part of the fossil trove designated Dinosaur National Monument.